On Sunday, a large group of Canine Hope for Diabetics families headed down to Oceanside. We all met at the train station and took a 2 hour train ride down. That was a great way to travel, as we are often busy at these events, and the train ride gave us time to chat and catch up with everyone, and made the time fly by! I believe the final count was 49 people and 14 dogs. The weather just happened to be amazing!

During the training session, the Canine Hope team set up tic tac toe (black against yellow) and Simon Says. These 2 games work on work on the dogs obedience. In tic tac toe, one team has to sit (for X’s) and one team has to down (for O’s), and can’t move until the game ends.

Simon Says employs on leash work such as heeling, sit, down, stay, and turns. And of course, the handler has to pay attention. They even threw in some bubble and tennis ball distractions!

Raven eats a bubble 🙂

After those 2 games, we played Jeopardy. This tested the humans knowledge of things like Service Dog vet care, ADA laws, commands, and reading a dogs body language. This was good fun, a lot of laughs, and got REALLY competitive. After that it was off to lunch on the pier at Ruby’s. Good thing we had reservations! Even with all of the people, we had great service and didn’t wait long for anything.

After lunch it was time for more games. We finished off the day with an obstacle course. Thr trick was, in your leash hand, you also had to hold a Milkbone in a spoon. The object is to not drop the bone, so you need to use commands instead of leash movement to control your dog. Lot’s of fun! I even attempted it with both dogs. Thanks Steve for snapping some pix!

Me working Major & Raven
Me working Major & Raven

Then it was time to get back on the train. After 2 days of working with the dogs, and a week of being sick, I was exhausted. Again, it was really nice to not have to drive, but be able to ride on the train. Enjoy the slideshow with pictures from our day!

Team Blackdogsrule

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  1. I just want to thank you so much for your blog. The photos and the information provided are outstanding. We just emailed in our application to Canine Hope for Diabetics this week (for my son, age 3) and are really excited about this process.

  2. Well thank you Maryanne, so glad you are enjoying it! Are you local to California? If so, would love to meet you at a training event

  3. We are in Clovis, CA. We’re happy to travel down for training events and we’re eager to meet some of these dogs and their people. How do we find out about training events? Is there a schedule online somewhere?

  4. I’m assuming you have emailed with Crystal?(the head of Canine Hope)If so, send her an email & let her know you would like to attend an event. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the dogs, and you can get a chance to work with one of them too

  5. Just sent Crystal an email asking about events. Thanks Frank!

  6. Welcome Maryanne, my husband’s parents live in Clovis, and we lived there for a few years several years ago. I hope we can meet you at a training event soon.

  7. Hi Valerie, thanks for the welcome. Hope to meet you soon, too!