On Sunday, the Canine Hope crew got together to participate in the 2nd annual “Dog Day Afternoon”, a fundraising event put on by my good friend Kimberly Olbrich and her partner Suzette Sullivan, to raise money for Priceless Pets (a no kill shelter), and this year, they were awesome enough to include Canine Hope! Her plan was to raise $2000 to split amongst the 2 groups. (more on that later)

Held at a local park in Diamond Bar, they had vendors, raffles, a Jonny Depp look a like, silent auctions, pet adoptions, and of course, lots of dogs. We arrived early, and we incorporated a little dog training session with the DAD’s, packed a lunch, and then had our own costume party. Steve and his DAD Shilo won for “Best Team Player”


We had a total of 15 service dogs out there, and a great training session working group obedience by Tracy, the owner of Citrus Hill Canine Center, which is where the Canine Hope dogs go for obedience and Rally sessions.   

It was great to watch all the dogs and their handlers working in a huge group. We spent a lot of time working distractions. Running kids, tennis balls, squeaky toys, other dogs being walked, we threw a lot at these dogs yesterday.

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After we finished up and had some lunch, we got the pups ready for our costume contest. We had pirates, horses, Star Wars characters, Disney princesses and they like. You can see a lot of those images here: Guardian Angel for Stella

The Dog Day Afternoon event was very well attended, and a lot of people were enjoying spending time out with their dogs and families. They had a best trick contest that had lots of participants, and the giving away of the raffle prizes was great. We won a gift basket that had some great dog toys and training books in it.  And as for Kimberly’s goal to raise $2000? She crushed that, and raised a total of $3100 to be split! So amazing!


The park was wonderful, with lots of grass, shade, and a playground for the kids. After the event wound down, I took Major over to the playground equipment to do some agility training. Stella had gone back to where we were sitting to get some water and rest with her friends,  about 50 yards away. Major and I played for a couple of minutes, and then it happened. After a full, busy day, in the heat, with all kinds of activities going on, while playing on playground apparatus, he alerted. I called over to my wife to check her (I was, after all, 50 yards away). Stella tested and she was 71. THAT should win best trick 😉

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Team Blackdogsrule



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  1. I said something like that too. our dogs do better tricks than those other dogs. oh well.