20131019-IMG_7243Stella, Major, and I got to experience full blown VIP status at the Auto Club Speedway on Saturday, as special guests of the Lefty’s Kids Club Program. Stella and I went to our first Indy Car race last year, to go root for Charlie Kimball (a type 1 diabetic Indy Car driver). The Lefty’s Kids Club program lets kids 12 and under in for free. That is a BIG savings. About a month ago More »


20120915-IMG_8372Tomorrow is the Auto Club Speedway Indycar MavTv 500. Stella and I went last year to go see Charlie Kimball (an Indycar driver with type 1) and had such a good time that she wanted to go again this year. 20120915-IMG_8376 20120915-IMG_8359 More »

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