I am starting to see posts on Facebook and blogs about taking a day off from mentioning the “D” word. Spend a day not talking about diabetes, not posting about it, “diabetes doesn’t define you”, “your life is more than diabetes”. And while I completely agree with the last 2 statements, our lives are completely consumed by diabetes. It works it’s way into everything we do. It always gets the front seat. Always demanding attention. No matter the hour, no matter the activity, no matter the location, it requires a thought, an action, a response, a consideration. So here is a timeline for a “day in the life”

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One of the most frustrating things about diabetes is that often times there are no answers. No explanations. No matter how hard you try to figure it out, examine it, investigate root causes, use your experience, knowledge, history, there just sometimes is no explanation.

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8360095572_f12a856d94_b(1)Yesterday was pasta night at our house. We have kids. Kids like pasta. Pasta is easy. Except for blood sugar control. But we’ve been doing this awhile now, and we have gotten pretty good with our combo bolus ratio on pasta night. 3 hours after dinner, Stella’s blood sugar was 136. Perfect on pasta night. About 5 hours after dinner, we went to bed and checked her again. She was 177, but the meter said she had some insulin on board, so off to bed we went, feeling comfortable with those numbers. Cue dramatic music…

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This is just a post to give you a little view into the life of a type 1 family.

We are almost 2 weeks into the new school year, and all of the hard work we did over the summer time to bring Stella’s BG numbers into range seem to be working. (said with fingers and toes crossed while burning sage and throwing sugar free cookies on the altar of the diabetes gods). We essentially tripled her daily insulin dosage between basal rates, carb ratios, and insulin sensitivity settings. A massive change in routine, like being home for summer, and then going back to school can wreak havoc with blood sugar. It is an awfully stressful time for a type 1 parent. We were a little concerned that some adjustments would need to be tweaked further, but as of now, we are holding steady. With one exception

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1008761_645493138812255_544248284_oWe have had Astro for 2 weeks today. We have been doing a lot of obedience and scent work with him in an effort to get him back on track. When I first picked him up, I was told that he was not alerting to highs, he was not alerting in the day time, and he didn’t have a set alerting behavior, like a paw to the leg, grab a bringsel, or nose tap. More »

My wife and I were outside with the dogs, enjoying the quiet from the kids and a cup of coffee. And then it happened. Raven alerted. Both kids were inside playing Wii. And yelling. That’s how you play Wii, isn’t it? I didn’t get to my phone until after Raven had a pretty good grip on the bringsel.  More »

Where normal is you never know what to expect…

The dogs seem to be back on track with the alerts to this new insulin. We are still keeping very close tabs, walking them through if they miss, but we haven’t had a false alert in awhile which is great. More »

One of these times, I promise to shoot a decent, quality video of all of this, but as often is the case, this happens when you least expect it. I missed the beginning of the alert as I didn’t have my phone next to me, so what you missed was the initial Raven alert of her bringing me the bringsel. She sat in front of me, but I had to move her to get my phone, so she headed to the dog bed. Major did his natural alert, which is to put 2 paws on me and start licking my hand. On a side note, this video is better lit 🙂



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