And once again, the mighty DOC (Diabetic Online Community) took to email and phone en masse to help correct and right a wrong. Earlier in the week, the New York Post ran an opinion piece by Bill Cosby (see my post here) in which he blamed parents for poor diets that are giving their kids diabetes. The New York Post posted a follow up today. It’s not perfect, but it acknowledges that Type 1 is NOT caused by diet and lifestyle. You can read it here:

Apathy, Sugar, and Parents: Cosby’s notable message

I am very proud of us today!

And again, this isn’t perfect. I think Bill’s message would be even better served by eliminating reference to diabetes all together, and going with “childhood obesity”. Then we can talk about type 2 diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, and involve many more groups to come up with solutions.

So, why is this so important? Why was I (we) up in arms about this? Because we need a cure. And that takes money. If people believe (because the media and people in it) keep telling them that diabetes is a lifestyle issue, that to “cure” it, all you need to do is stop the bad eating habits and exercise more, then fund raising becomes impossible. Why raise money for others if they aren’t willing to help themselves? This is where the issue with misinformation and irresponsible journalism comes in. This is why it is SO important to call to task the people responsible for these stories. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease. My daughter’s pancreas no longer works. Her body doesn’t produce insulin. This has NOTHING to do with diet or exercise. She is thin and VERY active. She is also insulin dependent. Through no fault of her own, and certainly not by anything we parents did.

If people think that what the diabetes community needs is a diet, a gym membership, and some self control, then the people that are working towards a cure, better treatments, better medicines, newer technologies, are going to have a hard time raising the money they need to continue.

Team Blackdogsrule

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  1. I also had several people at my work who sent emails as well! 🙂

  2. Frank Wisneski

    Thank you for all your support Crystal!