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There will be more coming soon, so stay tuned!!! Here’s hoping everyone has a happy Easter!

Last Sunday we went on a hike to the Eaton Canyon Falls with another Canine Hope family, Luke & Jedi. Jedi is a DAD in training, and is doing amazingly well, and Luke is one of the cutest little 4 year olds you’ve ever seen. So we packed up the family and labs and headed to Pasadena. More »

I am hardly a dog trainer. I was really proud when we taught our Great Dane to sit years ago. But as the handler of service dogs that go out in public, constant and continuous training is required to maintain sharpness in the dog, and to get the dog to fit your lifestyle. So we try and work some kind of obedience training/work into every single day. More »

A very important trait for a service dog that is required to go out in public needs to have is “calm”. Think of an action movie with explosions or gun shots, 4th of July fireworks, or an honor roll assembly at an elementary school with sudden bursts of applause. (video after the jump) More »

My wife and I are meeting more and more newly diagnosed T1 families, both in person at events, or that ask questions about our dogs, or on-line, Facebook, etc, that are being told something by their Endo’s that is absolutely alarming to us. After their children have been stable over night (I don’t even know what the hell that means), they can skip the night time checks and sleep through the night. More »

Type 1 Diabetic myth #1. Type 1 diabetics can’t eat candy, sugar, doughnuts, etc.

The truth is, type 1 diabetics can eat anything they want, as long as they take insulin to cover the carbohydrates of what they are eating. Type 1 diabetes is NOT caused by diet or lack of exercise, it is an autoimmune disease that results in the destruction of insulin producing cells in the pancreas. This leads to increased blood glucose, and requires an injection of synthetic insulin, either by needle or pump. More »

I ran the LA Marathon on Sunday. My day started at 4:15 am with a cup of coffee, a banana and a Cliff bar. That is a pretty typical breakfast for me before a long run. Once we got to Dodger Stadium (the starting line) I had a second banana. Once the race starts, every 5 miles I consume a GU energy gel and drink some NUUN Hydration drink in an effort to maintain and consume about 40-60 carbs an hour. More »

My mom (the kids “Nana”) had a birthday last week, so to celebrate, we took the kids, the wonder twins, and Nana to the Natural History Museum. I was running the LA Marathon the next morning, so it sounded like a great way to relax, spend time with the family, and calm the nerves.

The museum has been through some major changes the last 2 years, with a whole brand new dinosaur wing that is pretty awesome. There is also a great new cafe. They are still building out the outdoor space, so that was all closed off. More »

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