One of these times, I promise to shoot a decent, quality video of all of this, but as often is the case, this happens when you least expect it. I missed the beginning of the alert as I didn’t have my phone next to me, so what you missed was the initial Raven alert of her bringing me the bringsel. She sat in front of me, but I had to move her to get my phone, so she headed to the dog bed. Major did his natural alert, which is to put 2 paws on me and start licking my hand. On a side note, this video is better lit 🙂



Scene from a morning run at Puddingstone

I’m going to run the LA Marathon this Sunday. This is not my first marathon, and it won’t be my last. But I am in better shape for this one then I have been in the past, and I owe a lot of that to these 2 dogs.

In training for this race, I’ve been running 5-6 times a week since December. On 90% of those runs, I have had atleast 1, and often both of these dogs with me.

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He's Smiling by fwisneski
He’s Smiling, a photo by fwisneski on Flickr.

The bond is extremely noticeable between these 2, it always has been. But every once in awhile, you capture an image of a brief moment (milliseconds) and you have to stop and wonder.

Is he really smiling? Of course he is. He’s loved, he’s needed, he has a job, he’s been rescued, cared for, and trained by some amazing people, and he has people that count on him. He’ a hero, and has the heart of this little girl. I think if you look up the definition of happy in the dictionary, that’s what you will find.

Team Blackdogsrule

On Sunday, a large group of Canine Hope for Diabetics families headed down to Oceanside. We all met at the train station and took a 2 hour train ride down. That was a great way to travel, as we are often busy at these events, and the train ride gave us time to chat and catch up with everyone, and made the time fly by! I believe the final count was 49 people and 14 dogs. The weather just happened to be amazing! More »

RJ had a lot of training this weekend!

Meet RJ! I had the amazing pleasure of tagging along and shooting some photos of RJ and his type 1 person Lori this weekend. R.J. is going home with Lori today, another AMAZING Canine Hope DAD! R.J. is another puppy that I have had the pleasure of seeing raised from the very early stages of training to being placed with his family. And now, one of my FAVORITE things to do is to go and snap some pics of the new team on their going home weekend. More »

20130309-IMG_1316 by fwisneski
20130309-IMG_1316, a photo by fwisneski on Flickr.

Sometimes an image says so much more. A split second moment. This particular image hits home for me on why these dogs are so important to their people.
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So what does an alert look like from start to finish? Last night, I was able to take some really crappy video of Major doing a classic “Major” alert. I was sitting at my desk working on the computer, and Stella was in her room. He gives me “the stare”, then puts 2 paws on me. As for the rest? Well, just watch and see after the jump…

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