Another reason that I started this site was to help advocate for black dogs in our shelters. Black Dog Syndrome is alive and well, and it is sad. Black dogs are euthanized at a much higher rate in kill shelters than any other color animal. Major is a rescue that our trainer saved from an abusive situation, and look how THAT is turning out.

I volunteer time and my photography skills to local shelters to photograph their animals and help get them adopted. Good photography brings people in to the shelters and gets these animals into new homes. As long as we can get people coming in, we can get them to take some amazing animals home, even if it wasn’t the initial animal they saw.

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Where normal is you never know what to expect…

The dogs seem to be back on track with the alerts to this new insulin. We are still keeping very close tabs, walking them through if they miss, but we haven’t had a false alert in awhile which is great. More »



We have had a crazy week here. Between the bombing in Boston (I’m a runner, and my wife is from Boston, so it occupied most of our waking hours), to the switching of insulin per our insurance company, last week was a complete wash here on the blog.

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SUPERHEROES4.25X6.25Hi everybody! Welcome to diabetes 101, day 1. Today’s topic? Things that can affect blood sugar in a 10 year old girl, that makes managing diabetes so tough, and prevents us from knowing “normal”. List after the jump
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Time for the next installment of Frank’s crappy videos!
I’ve heard rumors about a “Leave It” event at the Wildrose conference we are going to in 2 weeks. So we are working on making ours a little higher risk, with a higher value treat.

Why is this important? When you have a public access dog that goes to school, restaurants, the movie theater, you need to be able to prevent your dog from picking things up off the ground and getting sick or worse. And you need your dog to pay attention to you, even with high value distractions. And while Major makes this look easy, as soon as I find a squirrel the real fun will begin 🙂

Team Blackdogsrule

20130413-IMG_4837We took the wonder twins dock diving over the weekend. I think that if there is a Major and Raven heaven, it includes a lake and someone throwing a ball/wubba. These dogs go CRAZY for playing fetch in the water. They work hard, and when it comes time to play, they play even harder. More »

Yesterday, we all watched the video called “One Day”. If you haven’t seen it, I have it linked below. In the spirit of “One Day”, here is what my 10 year old type 1 diabetic did today.
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Major is alerting. This alert tells me the girl doesn’t feel well 😉

I feel I need to preface this post with a disclaimer. This blog is meant to be an honest depiction of life with these amazing dogs. And this particular post is a reflection of where I am as a handler, and how these dogs have been asked to fit into our family personally, based on the needs of OUR family and specifically our daughter, and is in no way a reflection of these dogs abilities, which far exceed any of my capabilities. This post is an effort to try and tell myself that I am still doing great with these dogs. Because honestly? Sometimes I feel like I am letting them down. I feel like they are Ferrari’s, and i am only qualified or ready to drive a Honda Civic. They are capable of so much more.

Have you taught you DAD different alerting behaviors to mark different types of issues? Something like a bow to signal a low, a wave for a high, or maybe hitting the right or left hand? How about grabbing some type of tool like a bringsel that is around the house or that you wear on your person?

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