Raven saying “I’ve got your back mom”

There has been a lot of talk on the internet this week about “Dead in Bed” syndrome stemming from that linked article. My wife makes it a habit to check our daughter 4 times over night. Once at bed time, then midnight, 2 am, and when we get up at around 5:30-6am. And  that is on a night when the numbers are good. More »

With a type 1 in the house, sleep is a rare commodity. Regardless of what her overnight blood glucose levels are, my wife still wakes up at least twice to check her. If Raven alerts, and a correction is made, it is often times more. photo 2 More »

Sometimes you just have to go. Actually, every time Raven has to go, it looks just like this. At least when she does it, we know exactly what she wants.

Does your dog have a secret potty dance?


8607983099_d1d2cb8634_bOn Easter Sunday, we spent our day with family. First, an Easter egg hunt before dawn at our house, then off to a great breakfast with my in-laws, and finally a trip to my mom’s house for dinner. More »


One last image from the “Hope on your Hand” series.

With hope, you need to hold on tightly and never let go.

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise” ~ Oscar Wilde

Team Blackdogsrule


All we ask for as parents of a type 1 diabetic is hope. We put a lot of faith in that word, it keeps us going, and when dealing with a 2am low, sometimes it’s all you have. Today is “Put Hope on Your Hand” day for diabetes awareness. When someone asks you what it’s all about, make them aware. In our household, we are very aware.

Hope. Hope for a cure. Hope for a good number. Hope for proper carb counts. Hope for no illness. Hope our other child doesn’t get it. Hope you never need to deal with it. Hope the school understands. Hope she doesn’t go low while we are out. Hope that spaghetti won’t bite us in the ass later. Hope we can continue to hang on. Hope we can get a cgm. Hope the insulin didn’t go bad. Hope the site is still good. Hope for all our friends in the DOC. Canine “Hope” for Diabetics. Hope she wakes up tomorrow.

Hope. Sometimes it’s all we have…

And I’ll be damned if you ever try to take it away

Team Blackdogsrule


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