When we talk about service dogs and training, we often talk about the need for training to continue forever. People assume service dogs are fully trained, and don’t need anymore. Untrue. Just like you and I, the dogs are pretty much “use it or lose it” . Whether it is for a newly learned behavior or scenario, or continuing training sessions/brush up sessions, something is happening everyday. Here is a perfect case in point, Night Alerting

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ReanimatorPlease click on the picture. No, really. Stella made this stop animation sequence. What you see here is a scientist putting his dead dog on a table in his lab, and bringing it back to life. With a pterodactyl of course. Just shows you where her head is at today. Roxy was the first animal that she was around for from beginning to end. Stella had a rough day today, but she has had lots of love and hugs, both from us and from Major and Raven. And she is a little genius. I love this.

971901_10201091690072066_648802622_nIt is with a sad and heavy heart that I make this post. We are losing Roxy today. She has been suffering from Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer, for over a year. We have been taking good care of her, and keeping a close eye on her, and fretting about her as we have watched her lose weight and struggle to keep it on. More »

8721046653_535c556c26_bMajor and I attended a JDRF sponsored coffee chat last night. It’s an event where a small group of parents meet without the kids to discuss whatever happens to come up. Last night there was 10-12 parents, and, surprisingly enough, after only 3 short years with our daughter’s diagnosis, I was one of the more “experienced” parents.

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20130505-IMG_3160 by fwisneski
20130505-IMG_3160, a photo by fwisneski on Flickr.

Love this image, and wish California was a little greener…


On Sunday, the Canine Hope crew got together to participate in the 2nd annual “Dog Day Afternoon”, a fundraising event put on by my good friend Kimberly Olbrich and her partner Suzette Sullivan, to raise money for Priceless Pets (a no kill shelter), and this year, they were awesome enough to include Canine Hope! Her plan was to raise $2000 to split amongst the 2 groups. (more on that later) More »

ToffeeOne of the things I love to do, and normally dedicate at least 2 weekends a month to, is going to a shelter to help photograph animals in the shelter that need to be adopted. I do a lot of this work through United Hope for Animals at the Baldwin Park Shelter. That particular shelter is a high kill shelter, so we go in there, take high quality photographs and videos of the dogs, and combine them with a bio of the animal, and then network them through places like Facebook and www.adoptapet.com. We have a 96% success rate of getting those animals adopted.  More »

8378321977_e421caab60_bOne of the things I wanted to work on at the Wildrose DAD conference was to get Major off his pinch collar. A pinch collar is a collar that has prongs on it to aid in controlling the dog. Major has always been a puller, and in his previous life, was abused with an e-shock collar, and has a very strong neck. The gentle leader/halti device always leads to him rubbing his head on the ground, so the pinch collar became our go to to keep life easy.

And let’s be honest. The issue has always been that I was lazy. We worked hard on other things with him, we had the pinch, it worked, and I moved on to other things.

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