I learned a lot of things at the Wildrose DAD Conference. Not all of them dog/DAD related. Here are just a few:

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I was given the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Wildrose DAD conference, as a family living with a DAD. I couldn’t get through the whole speech, and for that I apologize. These dogs, and the type 1 community mean so much to me, and I struggled reading it through tears, but here it is in it’s entirety. Please let me know what you think.

It started off with an introduction by me, but the important concepts to take away from it are that this path is a hard one, and requires constant work and effort. And the successful teams you met (I’m always hesitant to put myself in that group as I am in awe of all the work the teams of Charlie, Ruby, Willow and several others have done) and saw this weekend AREN’T lucky, they work their asses off (WE work our asses off). Always remember the words of Samuel Goldwyn: More »

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