IMG_0159signwebWe went to a rally class last night. We haven’t been in awhile, summer has been busy, and it’s tough to get there on a Wednesday night after work (it’s about 50 miles away). Dorrie (from Luke & Jedi) called me and said she was heading there and offered to pick us up. I jumped at the chance because I wanted to gauge how Astro is doing. I know how he works for me, but is the training transferable? Will he willingly do it for someone else? Will he alert in public? How about some new distractions? So off to rally we went! You say you don’t know what rally is? More »

Blackdogsrule shirtsWe are trying out a crowd sourced t-shirt company. We need to sell 50 t-shirts in a week to get this to go through. If we don’t sell 50, than those that ordered won’t be charged, but we also won’t get our awesome shirts 🙁 So if you are looking for a great shirt, and want to help promote all that we do here, order yours today! Blackdogsrule Tee’s! More »

Welcome to the second Week in Review. This past week saw our first full week with Astro, doing some additional scent and real time training with him. He is doing very well, but let me tell you that keeping 3 dogs engaged, walked, fed, exercised, and doing training sessions with is exhausting. It is a lot of work, that doesn’t just seem tripled. It’s more than that.

Astro-StellaWeb More »

No pictures today. Instead, here is a list of things I want you to know about diabetes.

  1. I want you to know that there is no “controlling” diabetes. There is diabetes management, there is experience, and there is a “be ready for anything at anytime”, but there is no control. We do our best to “manage” our daughter’s diabetes. But there are way to many variables that affect her blood sugar to EVER use the word control. And now that we are heading into puberty? Hormones and growth spurts and boys, oh my! More »

20130707-P1010513The question has popped up, “why use a scent stick?” The answer is simple. These dogs love to retrieve. They think it’s fun to go out in the yard and play fetch with it. And while it is loaded up with scent (in our case, “low” blood sugar saliva on dental cotton), it is very close to their nostrils. The whole time they have it in their mouths, the scent is as close as to their nostrils as we can get it. More »

820794_10200438489822468_188919927_oFor those of you that follow us on Facebook, you know my son is notorious for photobombing my pictures. It’s almost like a gift he has, a knack. At group events, he’s even branched out to photobomb other peoples images. More »

1064045_647131391981763_3575066_oRaven is super smart. She is also stubborn as hell. In a service dog, that is a line that needs to be straddled cautiously. She KNOWS it all. And she is super confidant. She is also a goof ball. And her spirit can’t be broken. Her tail never stops wagging. She has a zest for life. And she slobbers. Almost on cue. In an instant. More »

So as a photographer, you would think I would believe in the value of the tripod. Nope! To cumbersome and a pain to set up. So, instead, I give you these. More training videos of Astro using his nose, and as a bonus, a video of Major doing the same! More »

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