20130827-P1020251Earlier this week, we took Major to our son’s kindergarten class to educate them on all the wonderful things service dogs can do, and how they should behave around service dogs. Every time we mention Major going to school, everyone wants to know why Major isn’t always with Stella at school. I figured I’d finally put it all in a post, so I have a post to link to when it comes up again. More »

20130827-IMG_3506Our son’s Kinder teacher asked if we could bring Major in to talk to the class about service dogs. Our son now goes to the same school as our daughter, but his class starts 45 minutes later. My wife and Major are always there for drop off and pick up, so we like to make sure all the kids are educated on proper service dog etiquette and educate them on what types of jobs they can do, so we were happy to oblige.  More »

6131077055_5ddf18bbac_b(3)The picture above was taken the very first day we met Major. What an emotional day that was. Exciting, scary, happy, it ran the gamut of emotions. We didn’t get to keep him that day, he was still very much in training, so as we watched him leave, we were also sad. But we knew he was still continuing his training of being a lifesaver for my daughter, and it was only a couple of months later before he was permanently placed with us. More »


What are we doing here? Why are we doing it? And is it even worth it?

When my daughter was first diagnosed I had no freaken idea what diabetes was. And the weight of the diagnosis took a long time to sink in. I wanted to protect my family, and at the time, I thought that meant pulling down the blinds, locking the doors, and wrapping our kids up in bubble wrap. More »

This is just a post to give you a little view into the life of a type 1 family.

We are almost 2 weeks into the new school year, and all of the hard work we did over the summer time to bring Stella’s BG numbers into range seem to be working. (said with fingers and toes crossed while burning sage and throwing sugar free cookies on the altar of the diabetes gods). We essentially tripled her daily insulin dosage between basal rates, carb ratios, and insulin sensitivity settings. A massive change in routine, like being home for summer, and then going back to school can wreak havoc with blood sugar. It is an awfully stressful time for a type 1 parent. We were a little concerned that some adjustments would need to be tweaked further, but as of now, we are holding steady. With one exception

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9548083504_5fff53b4cb_oMeet Angus. The newest member of Team Blackdogsrule. 🙂 And I realize he’s not black. Yes, there has been a disturbance in the force. So who is Angus, and why is he here?

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First, let me set the record straight. I hate diabetes. I hate that it has chosen my child to infect with it’s viciousness. I wish it was me and not her. And I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

But let’s get real for a second. More »

6183190876_ba11dcc2bd_bOur family has spent 2 years now with a service dog. I’ve seen a lot, screwed up a lot, and learned a lot over those 2 years. (Major became ours on 10/1/11, there will be a post about that on that date). There are a tremendous amount of things that I had no clue about when we started this journey, so I would like to share some things you may not have thought of either.

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