Patience is not something I am good at. I struggle with it all the time. Our daughter’s diabetes has pushed this to limits often. Yesterday was a good example of this. More »

When I was a kid, summer stretched all the way through Labor Day. Not anymore, our kids started school today. And I am totally okay with that 🙂 I posted a couple of pictures today over at our Facebook page that got a lot of interest, so I wanted to cover them more in depth here. school supplies More »



Those of you that have been here before know that I pretend to be a photographer, and I take a lot of pictures. My main focus is my family and our dogs. Because rule #1 about how to make your photography better is to shoot what you love, what your passionate about. More »

I read a lot about diabetes. A LOT. And it gets discussed a lot in our house. It consumes our lives. Good, bad, or indifferent, it does. It’s the first thing we deal with when we wake up, and the last thing we deal with when we go to bed. And at midnight. And 3 am. And breakfast. And an hour after breakfast. And…well you get the idea.

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Here we introduce you to a slightly different type of scent training. We are utilizing a $3 muffin pan from Target, a few tennis balls, and some kibble. We drop some kibble in one of the muffin openings, and cover it with a tennis ball. We will use several tennis balls, but only put kibble under 1 or 2 of the balls. The hope is that the dog will only grab/move the ball that has the kibble underneath, not all of them, and hopefully not run off with a ball. More »

This was not created by me, but by a member of our diabetic family, Dorrie, of Saving Luke on Facebook. She is a mom to 3 children, including 4 year old Luke, type 1, and Jedi, a Canine Hope DAD. And this needs to be seen.


Team Blackdogsrule

I had an interesting conversation with another type 1 parent today, discussing why Type 1 diabetes doesn’t get the attention and respect it deserves. Our conclusion was interesting. More »

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