One of the most frustrating things about diabetes is that often times there are no answers. No explanations. No matter how hard you try to figure it out, examine it, investigate root causes, use your experience, knowledge, history, there just sometimes is no explanation.

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I don’t often post stuff like this, but here goes. As many of you know, i’m a runner. It is new to me, and proves an amazing way to stay sane. Anyway, I’m training for my 5th marathon in November. It has been really hot here recently, and has really affected my training. I’m behind to say the least. I had a 13 mile run scheduled for this morning that I was dreading. Before bed last night, I read something someone wrote that upset me (and this will be the last time I even remotely mention it). I slept in, then proceeded to drag my feet this morning. I was looking for excuses. When I finally headed out the door, I knew I wasn’t going to get 13. Lucky if I got 8. I had my sports drink, and I put $3 in my pocket to stop and get a Strawberry Lemonade Gatorade at a local 7-11 that is at the 7 mile mark. I was running, focusing on all my body parts that are sore, focused on how it was getting warmer. Bummed that I didn’t have Major. Getting more miserable along the way. I hit the 7-11 and knew if I just bagged it, I could run home with my 8ish miles. More »

8360095572_f12a856d94_b(1)Yesterday was pasta night at our house. We have kids. Kids like pasta. Pasta is easy. Except for blood sugar control. But we’ve been doing this awhile now, and we have gotten pretty good with our combo bolus ratio on pasta night. 3 hours after dinner, Stella’s blood sugar was 136. Perfect on pasta night. About 5 hours after dinner, we went to bed and checked her again. She was 177, but the meter said she had some insulin on board, so off to bed we went, feeling comfortable with those numbers. Cue dramatic music…

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977457_620803791281190_644263188_oJulia Coenen Smallwood had a reader question for us that I don’t believe I have addressed at all here. Her question is:

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9888497755_75e24f35aa_bThank you to everyone that listened to the interview yesterday. For those of you that missed it, it is available here: Conversations in Care – A Girls Best Friend

I had a blast doing it, and a HUGE thank you to Tami Neumann of Conversations in Care for having me on. And if you are new here as a result of hearing us on the interview, welcome! Please feel free to look around. More »

I get to do 1 of my least and 1 of my most favorite things today. At the same time. I get to talk about my daughter’s diabetes, and I get to talk about DAD’s. Join us live, or catch the podcast anytime after the show as Tami Neumann and I discuss both. Tami has been hosting a healthcare interview show for awhile, and she is also a mother of a type 1. I am currently sitting here, making some notes, drinking some green tea, and trying not to totally freak out as the nerves start to kick in.


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Can I be honest for a moment? That girl above is my daughter. My baby girl. She is 10 years old. Some days, she looks a lot older to me than she really is. Life with a disease forces you to grow up a little faster. I like to talk a lot about all the things she can do, she can eat, she can be, even with the life long diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. But I’m going to let you in on a secret…

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We have several questions today that don’t require a full post, so let’s see how many we can answer. But before we get to the questions, check this out. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. I will be interviewed on Monday, 9/23/13 on the Conversations in Care show to discuss Diabetes and DAD’s. You can tune in live, or it will be available as a podcast shortly after airing. You can find it here: Conversations in Care

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