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Tackling our 3rd reader question today, and it’s a good one dealing with “life with a service dog”.

Pasha-Anna Federov asks: “I would like to hear your thoughts on travel with a DAD, amusement parks, airplanes, long car trips, zoo/fair with lots of other animals around. Also, does Stella go to sleepovers, or visit grandparents without you? And, if so, what happens to the dogs? Do they go with her? Stay home with you?”

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Another reader question today. This one come from Courtney Grimes. Courtney asks:

“I have 5,000 topics… So many I don’t even know where to begin…. Just tell me it gets easier… From the T-1 side & DAD side… Cause some days I struggle and feel hopeless and somedays I feel incredibly blessed.”

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On our Facebook page last week, I asked if any of our members had a topic about DAD’s or diabetes, and several great topics came up that I will be covering here soon. The first one I wanted to cover was from Jenn Demchuk. She writes:

“I would like to hear more about the bonds developed between the DAD’s and family members. How have they developed, which DAD is closest with Stella? Does Stella have a preference for one of them? What about with the other members of your family? Do you have a preference? Who’s personality meshes best with who? And I know they have different strengths and weaknesses as DAD’s (why you have two) but which one is the stronger or even more consistent?”

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20130915-IMG_4893On Sunday, 9/15/13, we met up with a big group of Canine Hope members at a local mall for some public access training. We had several families that were self training, several puppy raisers, a few placed dogs (like Major and Raven) and several of the families recently matched with dogs in the program. This particular mall had all the requirements we needed for training, elevators, a food court, stairs, a loud toy store, a kids play area, a dark bowling alley with a huge arcade and all the noises and spinning lights, lots of foot traffic, and several long narrow hallways for recall and heeling work. And air conditioning 😉

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886749_590228184338751_1023318156_oWe take a dog with us everywhere we go. Often more than 1. The grocery store, restaurants, the Dr.’s office (all though we don’t take one to the allergist) Home Depot, amusement parks, movies, and, well, everywhere. Even if our daughter isn’t with us, to give the dog more public access training. Here is a big pet peeve:

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9700620539_d01101b090_bMeet Canine Hope’s Lexi. In the picture above, she is the black lab. 🙂 More »


Today I want to discuss what to look for when choosing a service dog organization. Making that single decision can be the difference between having a successful service dog to help out you or your family member, having a very expensive pet that should never have been in a program, or being completely out $25,000. It seems today there are more and more stories of frustration and horror, and it seems much of this can be avoided by just doing a little homework. These tips are NOT specific to diabetic alert dogs, but can be applied to any type of medical assistance dog. More »

Here at our house, we have a 3 day weekend in honor of Labrador! These Labs put in a lot of overtime, working 24/7, and they too need some time to play. HappyLabradorDay

Don’t tell them it’s really Labor day weekend, that would just spoil the fun 🙂



Aww, who told them?

Have a great holiday weekend!

Team Blackdogsrule

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