Getting ready to carve pumpkins

An update from yesterday’s post because while it would be preferable, the reality is not having fondue isn’t an option. We know it will be provided, and we are forced to deal with it someway. Halloween is already tough for a diabetic kid, and we try to minimize the pain as much as possible. So if we tell her no fondue,the issue then becomes (and this is a big one for us as parents) that Stella now sits in her classroom of 34 kids, and feels like she is being punished for being diabetic as the other kids get their treats, and she doesn’t get to participate. More »

Here is a brief glimpse into what parents of a diabetic have to deal with. This is NOT an extraordinary example, these kind of things happen ALL the time.

Thursday is Halloween. There are lots of activities happening at the kids school. Stella’s class is having a pizza party at lunch. Pizza is rough on Stella’s blood sugars, and requires us to do a combo bolus because of the fat content in the pizza causing an initial insulin resistance. So my wife will be heading to school to help Stella out, as this is too much for us to let the nurse handle.

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20131027-IMG_5308We had a VERY busy weekend. We had the Color Vibe run on Saturday. On Sunday, 10/27/13 we had our local JDRF Walk to raise money to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. Team Blackdogsrule was there along with a lot of Canine Hope families. I am proud to say that our Blackdogsrule team raised $3135! So proud of our team! This was the first year at the Rose Bowl, in years past More »

20131026-P1010918That picture pretty much sums up how much fun we had. On Saturday, we did the Lake Elsinore Color Vibe run with some of our Canine Hope friends. The Color Vibe run has a great, festive, fun feel to it. There are no clocks or timers. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t much running involved at all. More »

A letter to all my animal rescue friends. Because not enough of our rescued animals come with follow up stories.

Our black lab Major (the inspiration for this page) was rescued by Crystal, the head of Canine Hope for Diabetics who also happens to be an animal control officer. She had gotten a tip about a hunting dog trainer that was abusing a dog.  More »


The date was 8/7/2011. I found a Groupon for a local indoor rock climbing place, and asked Stella if she wanted to try it. She was game and we went with another family we know from her school. When we walked in I was sure this would be another day of frustration for both of us.

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20131019-IMG_7243Stella, Major, and I got to experience full blown VIP status at the Auto Club Speedway on Saturday, as special guests of the Lefty’s Kids Club Program. Stella and I went to our first Indy Car race last year, to go root for Charlie Kimball (a type 1 diabetic Indy Car driver). The Lefty’s Kids Club program lets kids 12 and under in for free. That is a BIG savings. About a month ago More »

20120915-IMG_8372Tomorrow is the Auto Club Speedway Indycar MavTv 500. Stella and I went last year to go see Charlie Kimball (an Indycar driver with type 1) and had such a good time that she wanted to go again this year. 20120915-IMG_8376 20120915-IMG_8359 More »

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