1399069_704098659618369_1570121790_oOn Tuesday night, I had an opportunity to participate in a documentary. The film is being done by some local college students, and it is focusing on type 1 and DAD’s. They came to our house, and I got to speak with them for about an hour. When we were done, I they asked if they could talk to Stella. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind, and she said sure. More »

20131014-IMG_6507-EditThis past weekend was the Canine Hope for Diabetics “Diabetic Alert Dog” conference. I had a previous engagement in Jacksonville, so I missed the first night and part of the next day. But there was no way I was going to miss any more than I had to. I woke up in Jacksonville at 1 am local time, headed to the airport, landed in Ontario at 11:30, drove home, swapped out suitcases, grabbed Stella and Major, and headed up to Camp Conrad-Chinnock. I got there at 2pm. More »

Tom Hanks announced on David Letterman last night that he has type 2 diabetes. And immediately the diabetic community’s up in arms about what he said. He and Dave had a brief discussion about weight management and diet, and Tom mentioned that his Dr said “If you can weigh what you did on high school, you will essentially be completely healthy”. This statement isn’t entirely false. Each case is different, but type 2 sometimes CAN be regulated with medicine, with diet and exercise, or a combination of both. And in some people, by just maintaining a healthy weight, they can reduce their need for medicine. This requires a tremendous amount of work and dedication, and isn’t true with all cases.

The real problem is that Tom added a few more words. “you will be essentially healthy, and will NOT have type 2 diabetes”. There is the problem. Because all though type 2 may be able to be managed and regulated and almost seem to be reversed or in remission, it is always there. Add a few pounds (maybe for his next movie role) and you are right back in the thick of it. Stop being diligent, stop working hard at it, and yes, it’s there.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 7.40.12 PM

There was a joke about “something’s gonna kill us all Dave”. I am okay with that statement, as well as the “It’s controllable” statement he made.

Here is the interview:

Now understand that Tom Hanks has a major movie that is being released, and that was what was really being covered. The Type 2 announcement may have been a gift for David so he could break the story, we don’t know. So understand that this interview wasn’t to discuss diabetes, the different types, the warning signs, etc. After the initial “hey, guess what happened to me!” moment, they moved on.

What do you think? Let me know what your thoughts are. We need a cure

Team Blackdogsrule

Cammy shares 1/2 a day in the life of her 4 year old, Zoe. Zoe had a scary incident during her day, and mom got a phone call from school that we all dread. Thank you for sharing Cammy!

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Stella and I met Mike last year at an Indy Car race while we were rooting on Charlie Kimball. Mike is a type 1 and also deals with neuropathy, which means his ideal blood sugar range is a little different than what we shoot for with Stella. You an follow him on his photography page at Twovivid. Here is his day in the life:

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Abby when above and beyond for her video “Day in the Life of a Type 1 Diabetic”. Bravo Abby, and thank you! Abby is an adult type 1, and getting to see her out in public, at restaurants, and confessing that she doesn’t like testing and giving herself insulin in public is moving. And by the way Abby, way to nail the carb count guessing on pasta and bread! 🙂


This was quite possibly my favorite of the day.

Team Blackdogsrule

Heather is an adult type , and her daughter Riley is too. I’d imagine every day is a busy one in their house. Here is their “Day in the life” of 2 type ones:

Many people with type 1 diabetes logged their day yesterday, so that we could post today. So here is a day in the life of 2 type ones: 10/5/13-

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Hellen shares her day with her type 1 son Finn. She also has Jordan, a DAD. Sounds like it was an interesting day yesterday. You can follow them here: Helping Finnlee

This is a day in the life of Type 1 diabetes for Finnlee. The day we recorded was a nice and easy day.  Not all days are this EASY.  This is what it takes to keep him in range, Safe, healthy, and alive. We use 4 tools…our brains, our blood sugar meter, a continuous glucose monitor, and a diabetic alert dog.

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