It’s been awhile since i have talked about the amount of training that is involved with having a successful Diabetic Alert Dog. We are constantly¬† working on something, whether it is reinforcing behaviors we already know, like the basics of “sit, stay, down, come, etc”, or working on scent training using low samples when our daughter is either away from the house, or at a good BG level, or doing something new and fun like Agility or Rally

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20131124-IMG_1155On Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend, we got be a part of something really cool. Especially if you are a Star Wars geek like me. We were invited to attend the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con¬†as special guests of the Southern California Garrison, 501st Legion. The 501st learned of Luke and Jedi, and decided to help raise money for them and Canine Hope for Diabetics. More »

Once again, it was mentioned that our “leave it” training may be a little cruel and unusual. In my opinion, It is also a little unusual to take a dog to the grocery store, a restaurant, or a movie theater, and that requires some specialized/intensive training. But there are even more reasons for it. Let me include a scenario for you, and if you have dogs, you know this very well.

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Back CameraStella was diagnosed on 7/30/10. We left the hospital 4 days later, climbed into our house, rolled up our welcome mats, closed our blinds, locked our doors, and hoisted the weight of this disease onto our shoulders. It was ours. We couldn’t share it with anyone. We didn’t know anybody else with type 1. We didn’t trust anyone else with our daughter. And no one we knew (including us) understood the severity of this diagnosis. We were alone. Even our regular Doctors didn’t know the difference between type 1 or type 2. And if we couldn’t trust our Doctors to understand our issues, our daughter, our questions, our disease, then who could we trust? More »

1465323_721830434511858_14478694_nWe are 3.5 years in on our journey with type 1 diabetes. And I can always tell when someone comes to our page and knows nothing about diabetes. Their first comment is something to the effect of “why is her diabetes out of control?”. “When do you expect it to get better, to be under control?”
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397501_10202205571478405_1007170135_nOn Sunday I ran the Santa Clarita marathon. For 3 years now, I have run a marathon during my birthday week, my own little healthy birthday present to myself after years of neglect. But unlike the previous 2 years, I hadn’t trained as well for this one. September and October were super busy months for me and our family, and while I was still running, I wasn’t running the long runs at all. As a matter of fact, I ran 13 miles 6 weeks before the marathon (my longest, when I would normally get to 22 miles) and I had to go back to the LA marathon to find anything longer. More »

1390541_10202189932367437_1415870114_nWish and Hope. We do a lot of that around here. Not far from a “wing and a prayer”. Kinda like living in a land of “almosts”. We are almost there. That’s where we live in the land of diabetes.That’s the rope we have to hold on to. And there are a lot of us hanging on to that rope. More »

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