1097942_796944757000425_1646531716_nI posted this picture yesterday on both my personal and the Guardian Angel for Stella Facebook pages. All this week at my children’s school has been a book fair, and each day they have done a little different promotion as a way to drum up interest and much needed money. Tuesday was “muffins with mom”, today is “goodies with the grandparents”, and yesterday was “doughnuts with dad”, hence the picture.
Not soon after I posted that picture, on my personal page, I got this comment:

“I’m confused. . . I thought she is diabetic?” More »


20140201-IMG_6534Our beautiful, lovable clown Raven have been with Stefanie, a Canine Hope for Diabetics dog trainer for the past couple of days. We have had a couple of issues that we were dealing with, and we took an opportunity to have Stefanie work with Raven and stay with her a few days.


Both Major and Raven love Stefanie, seen here with them and tiny little Able who is here with us for real time scent training

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6909710362_01fc8100a4_bTraining a service dog is hard work, a very long process, and often times not very fun. There are so many variables from start to finish, that this is by no means an automated, assembly line kind of process. If and when a dog makes it to Service Dog (referred to as SD from here on out) status, it is almost magical! With that thought in mind, here are a few things you may not hear from your DAD organization, but if they are responsible and truly care, they should tell you. Keep in mind while a lot of this info is specific to diabetic alert dogs, it can be applied to other types of SD’s too. More »

Today I am pleased to announce a special guest post written by Dorrie Nuttall. Many of you that follow us here know her as Luke’s mom (a young T1), self trainer of Jedi, and fellow member of our Canine Hope family. She has a huge following at her page on Facebook, where she provides wonderful information about diabetes, DAD’s, and being a parent of a type 1. That page is here: Saving Luke

20140223-20140223-IMG_1199 More »

9178707077_27b02736cd_bThis may become part of a regular series in an effort to help you locate a great organization to get a diabetic alert dog from. First topic? How they raise their puppies. The first year of a dogs life is a very important time. Socialization, obedience training, maturity markers, vet care, there are so many milestones that need to be paid attention to, that how an organization raises their puppies should be an important part of your decision. More »

Back CameraWhat does living with diabetes mean? How do you explain it to someone that doesn’t get it? How do you convey the seriousness of it when your child LOOKS healthy, acts fine, and the rest of the world would have you believe it is easily cured/fixed by diet and exercise?
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