20140628-IMG_2755We just spent the weekend competing at the Long Beach Queen Mary dog show. Stella and Raven are going for their AKC Rally Advanced title. They got their Rally Novice title a month ago, and this was their first event going for Advanced. The main difference is Advanced is all off lead.

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Pebble Watch

Pebble Watch

I get asked a lot about the different things we use to help us manage my daughters type 1 diabetes. And there is a lot of stuff! Meter, pump, CGM, a dog or 2, it almost borders on insanity 🙂 But see, here’s the thing. Even with all of this stuff, up until recently, the only way we could know what her blood sugar was at any given moment was if she was standing right next to us. And as a parent of a young child, we REALLY want to know what is happening with their BS when they are at school, at a friends house, in the back yard, or just down the hall. Is that too much to ask? More »

10496961_851824471512453_4865614828018179791_oRaven is our rock star night alerting dog. On most nights she wakes me up at least once to alert to an out of range blood sugar, and generally it will be a high. But last night was a little different. More »

This weekend is Father’s Day weekend. I will once again be lucky enough to surround myself with my family all weekend long, enjoying each others company. The weekend calls for horseback riding, swimming at Grandma’s, and most likely a beach trip with a couple of runs for the dogs and I mixed in. As has become customary here, I would like to take this time to write a letter to my kids. More »

I hear this a lot: “My child was just diagnosed last week, I want to get a DAD to help him out”. While I completely and totally understand the fear of facing this disease, the willingness to do anything to help your child, and the need for tools, medicines, and technology to make things easier, safer, and better, a DAD is not for everyone, and especially not for the newly diagnosed. More »

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