4853938948_0708af175c_bI will never know what it is like to live life with type 1 diabetes. I will never know how fuzzy, off, and out of focus a 400 feels, and I will never know how disorienting and scary a 25 feels. As often as I ask, as often as I have had it explained to me, as often as I have witnessed these, and with as many diabetics as I have spoken with, I will still never truly understand.

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Night2On our Facebook page this week, I have been doing a series of screen captures of our CGM graph from overnight to show why we do night checks. In this graph above, you can clearly see that at 8pm she was low, at which point we gave her carbs. When we went to bed at 10 and checked her, she was sitting comfortably at 150, a good number for us for night time. My wife woke up at midnight to check her and she had gone up, a bounce back from the carbs administered at 8, she bolused her. Raven woke me up at 2, and Stella was hovering around 200 so I bolused again, and she woke up at a great 133 ready to start her day. A question came up though.

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Our first picture of Major and Stella

That I took that picture. The very day that we met Major for the very first time. Ever. And our lives were forever changed. We were lucky enough to come into contact with Crystal and Johanna almost a year before that day. They are Canine Hope for Diabetics. At the time that we found them, my wife and I were pretty insistent on using a rescue or shelter pup, and Crystal was the first person that didn’t laugh at us or tell us no way. Rescue is a pretty big deal in our house. So that was important to us. Crystal took on the challenge and went through several dogs before finally coming across Major. (His story is in that link). She initially rescued Major about 6 months prior to us meeting him. She didn’t want to introduce us to any pups until she knew that it might work out. More »

10268525_870183936343173_6098667844353937_nIn January of 2013, we experienced a massive shift in our daughter’s blood glucose numbers. Her overnight numbers skyrocketed, and we were getting unexplained, random, and unshakeable highs. The reason? Puberty. She has experienced tremendous growth over the last year, and is now 5 feet tall. Just between her June and August Endo appointments, she shot up an inch and 4 pounds. Since January 2013, we have been making constant adjustments to basal rates to try and keep her BG numbers in check. Her A1C test result that January (which would have been for the 3 months prior) was our best ever at 6.9. Her next one 3 months later, all though still great for puberty, was 7.3, and since then we have gotten her down to 7.1 and working or butts off to get her there. Fast forward to last Thursday. More »

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