6206157611_ddae100a63_bWe do a lot of swimming with our labs. Retrieval games, dock diving, in pools, lakes, the beach. We have had several friends ask us how we get Major and Raven to jump like they do, and while I would like to offer up an answer of some sort, a training regimen we went through, the truth is, with Major, it took exactly 3 tries. The pictures in this post were from our first time at the pool with Major, 3 years ago, in October of 2011. Major came to live with us at the very end of September that year, and this was our first trip to my moms house. (She has a pool, we do not)

The first picture above was from the very first attempt. Major actually got into the pool and jumped from the first step. Kind of clunky and clumsy.

6206674126_67e5eb78fc_bThis was his second attempt. We had Stella out of the pool and tossing the ball for the next couple of tries.

6206157537_e8b996f006_b3rd attempt. He was starting to get the hang of it. Pretty much a natural.

This last series was Major’s 4th attempt. It was all it took. He is amazingly athletic, and very smart. Plus he likes pools and floating things. 🙂

6206674340_02c475abc5_b 6206158129_9a515b892e_b(1)We have never looked back. When we got Raven, she was already pretty well versed in retrieving, and she basically followed right along with Major. Major loves water. There is nothing much that I enjoy more than watching him play. Work hard. Play hard. Works for the people, AND the dogs.

14560304746_f848151436_z 8013807997_b4be6f73ca_z 7292329480_6191af1afc_b 8152789434_df562802db_b(1) 1073747_653451121349790_1523520457_o 20130616-IMG_7518 20130616-IMG_7444 20130616-IMG_7432 8733373815_d028cb96b1_b 8729682415_0b2523d4fe_b 20130413-IMG_5269 20130413-IMG_5055 20130413-IMG_4949Team Blackdogsrule


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