Heather is an adult type , and her daughter Riley is too. I’d imagine every day is a busy one in their house. Here is their “Day in the life” of 2 type ones:

Many people with type 1 diabetes logged their day yesterday, so that we could post today. So here is a day in the life of 2 type ones: 10/5/13-

4am- I check on Riley & she’s ok. I’m high, as has been the pattern lately, so correction for mom.
7:50am- wake up dexcom says I’m 190, actually 162. Take my lantus. Have to take insulin just to drink coffee, or I’ll go high.
Check Riley ( still in bed, fighting a cold), dexcom says 102, actually 90. She has to get up & eat. By time breakfast is ready, her dexcom says 84 & going down, so she gets insulin right before eating. We add up all carbs & use a ratio to determine how much insulin we each need.
9 am- my dexcom alerts that I’m high. I ignore & wait, since insulin still working.
9:30- BS still going up & dexcom now 258 & shows double arrows up ( I have to factor in hormones today, so decide to do correction)
10:30am- I’m feeling super sick dexcom now says 156 & going down, check BS, and I’m 136. I treat based on how sick feel.
Meanwhile, Riley is getting low too. Dex shows 128 & falling, but BS is 95, she needs a snack or won’t make it to lunch
11:00 am– I recheck myself & am 160, dex says 90 & falling
Riley’s dex shows 85, BS 116, I think we’re good until lunch
11:30– Riley’s dex alarms 88 & falling, BS is now 93. Since dex says she’s going down I know she’ll be low by lunch, but she doesn’t want an early lunch. I do a small glucose tab & hope it’s enough.
12:00–lunch– Riley’s dex is still showing 80, but BS is 111. Add up all her carbs & factor insulin, & do injection.
12:30- I check for my lunch- BS now 216- out of range, so need a correction on top of my normal lunch dose for carbs I eat.
I take Alyssa to town for supplies for a school project. It’s a quick trip & I just ate, so I don’t take my meter.
2pm- I notice my dexcom has lost its signal, that means my sensor is failing. I have ??? & no idea what my blood sugar is. At some point it came back & I saw 142. We’re getting ready to head home, and it’s working, but now says I’m 88 & falling. I have to trust it & take a glucose tab, since I’m driving. Decide to come straight home, rather than stop as planned.
3:30- get home & check- BS now 88, glad I treated.
Meanwhile Riley was 197 after lunch, which means no snack.
6pm- dinner- Riley BS 176, out of range, so will need correction plus coverage for dinner carbs.
I’m 104- factor dinner carbs & dose for us both
7:15- my BS is 89 & dex shows I’m still falling. I took too much insulin for what I ate.
8 pm– Riley’s dexcom shows 117, but she’s 77. Not a good number for bedtime. She gets her snack & we wait a bit until she goes to bed. Evening snack is sometimes covered with insulin not always. Tonight I’ll watch her dexcom & decide what to do. At 9pm she gets her lantus, she’s already in bed, not asleep.
By 10pm she needs the novolog to cover her snack.
I take a second lantus dose at 9:30, trying to battle night time highs. I’ve finally got my BS up to 129, but will have a small snack.
If you’re still reading, this is just a glimpse into our life. No 2 days are the same.


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  1. I always tell my friends that “What works to control my blood sugar one day will not work the next time I do the same thing.”