Here is a brief glimpse into what parents of a diabetic have to deal with. This is NOT an extraordinary example, these kind of things happen ALL the time.

Thursday is Halloween. There are lots of activities happening at the kids school. Stella’s class is having a pizza party at lunch. Pizza is rough on Stella’s blood sugars, and requires us to do a combo bolus because of the fat content in the pizza causing an initial insulin resistance. So my wife will be heading to school to help Stella out, as this is too much for us to let the nurse handle.

My wife has also been looking for an opportunity to help out in Dash’s class. They are having a party after lunch, and his teacher asked Laurie if she would like to attend. She jumped at the chance, and said she would be there. It’s nice when we are able to do things for Dash, as we spend so much extra time taking care of diabetes.

Here is the rub. We just got an email saying that Stella’s class will be having a fondue party at 2pm. I can’t leave work, as it is the last day of the month, and since I work in manufacturing, it is our busiest day. Of course we want Stella to be able to participate. And fondue will consist of chocolate and peanut butter fondue, along with marshmallows, and fruit for dipping. The fruit will be bananas and strawberries, and possibly some other types. None of that is fun to deal with insulin wise, as there is no way to tell just how much fondue is on each bite, and banana’s play havoc on blood sugar. So I have asked Stella to at least stay away from the bananas. But we would also be in the middle of a combo bolus.

And of course, this means Laurie will no longer be able to attend Dash’s party. 🙁

To my type 1 families, how would you handle 2 slices of pizza at lunch, followed up 2 hours later with fondue? We are going to have Stella pick out all the food she thinks she will want, measure the carbs, and then add 2-3 carbs per bite for the dipping. Sound reasonable? And how about the combo bolus for pizza?


Team Blackdogsrule

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  1. Thank goodness you have taken control of your daughter with her Diabetes … I have a nephew who’ll be 22 next month and his parents are still clueless to his condition. He’s been a diabetic since age 3. The poor kid eats crap — pizza, sugar type cookies, candy, etc… for years now. He’s also crazy about coke, energy drinks and BEER… If he has a low he grabs a can of coke. I swear he goes thru packs and packs of cola. He hasn’t seen a Dentist or an Eye Specialist. He might see a doctor once a year if that ..He never brings his meter to show because he doesn’t want to let them know that he doesn’t test… He thinks its not necessary. I still don’t know how he gets insulin because they blame they don’t have medical insurance for him (State Aid could help, but in their mindset he’s not elgible) .Apparently they pay cash.. A couple years ago I asked him what his A1C levels were .. He goes on and tells me that his run from 10 to 16 which informs me this is normal for a teenager and that it doesn’t mean a thing. His mother sat there and said his is caused by high metabolism … He dropped out of High School and blamed it on his diabetes … I know he won’t live long especially now with the alcohol added in. I asked him about checking his feet because of his hiking… He just says his feet are fine … My brother and sister-in-law don’t give a hoot and think everything is fine.. .I’m a type 2 and take care of myself.. They told me what I’m doing to control it is not the same as their son.. .So, keep up the good work..

  2. I’d stick with your combo bolusing for your pizza. Then consider doing a temp basal increase of upto 100% for the couple hours of the party . Then test often following the party. And mom should go to Dash’s party even if it’s for. 10 minutes. Test Stella at the start time of Dash’s party and if she’s not low, go.

  3. I’ve bolused Matthew for pizza and then for cupcakes and/or popcorn (party/movies after dinner) within an hour and have been successful with it…I try to under estimate on the carbs so I don’t make him crash..and check within 2 hours of last bolus. If he is high, his pump will allow us to do a correction…if he is in range I do a little happy dance! It’s a crap shoot most of the time!

  4. This will be my daughters very first Halloween after dx, and I’m already stressing up a storm. I can’t imagine fondue, in fact my sister took us to the melting pot for my birthday dinner, and I was so relieved to find out the weekend we were going Hayleigh would be at d camp. I love the idea of the ‘great pumpkin’ to rid our house of the candy sooner!!

  5. In general I have found that fruit tends to run about the same 15-18 carbs per serving about a cup if you cut it up. I feel “safe” using that as a starting point for “guessing”. I would think that it could be pretty “easy” for the teacher to provide a measuring cup to “serve” all the kids, or at least have it out. Also pretty easy to use a measuring cup to serve the fondue. If that’s not an option, just have her bring her own, no big deal at all if you play it right. 😉 Good luck!

    • This is about what we will wind up doing, and we are going to use 2-3 carbs as our “guess” for the dip (about the same as in a Hersheys Kiss)

  6. As for the pizza we always test before meals to get the blood sugar correction right, then do what you do and do and extended the bolus 50% now, 50% later. If you are following up with snack later, test to make sure she’s not running low, but if she’s in the normal or good range do a carb only correction for the fondue. If she’s running low, I’m not sure how her pump works but we would use that low number and the pod removes some of the carb bolus for us.

  7. We only have one child, she is diabetic, but I do have a sense of what it is like to have another child who is usually waiting for time for them – I am the big sister to a brother with severe autism. Given I’m the parent on one side but know about the child wanting attention on the other, there is no way I wouldn’t go to Dash’s party. A combo bolus for the pizza, a BG check before the party and an educated effort at a carb count/bolus and she can get a correction after Dash’s party if needed. The parties won’t be all day so any issues can be fixed quickly. Give Dash his time! (I love your blog – please keep up the great work!)