1008761_645493138812255_544248284_oWe have had Astro for 2 weeks today. We have been doing a lot of obedience and scent work with him in an effort to get him back on track. When I first picked him up, I was told that he was not alerting to highs, he was not alerting in the day time, and he didn’t have a set alerting behavior, like a paw to the leg, grab a bringsel, or nose tap.

I have spent the last 2 weeks doing a lot of scent work with him. Almost all of our low work has been with scent samples, as my daughter is going through a rough period of crazy highs, and lots of real time high work. Here is a video I shot yesterday of an actual Astro alert. I was lucky enough to have my camera when I noticed a pre-alert behavior, so I started rolling.

I didn’t ask him to show me what it was until after I confirmed with the meter. I didn’t want to possibly reinforce a false alert, I wanted to verify he was correct, and then ask and reward. I love how excited he is in this. We have been working on building his excitement level too.

Let me know what you think, or if there are any questions.

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  1. will this be another DAD for you or are you training him?