20131207-IMG_2011We celebrated my daughter’s 11th birthday this weekend. We had a fantastic, busy weekend, filled with lots of fun, family, and friends. Saturday started off with some snuggle time with the labs and presents in bed.

20131207-IMG_594020131207-IMG_5953Horseback riding lessons were cut short due to rain. After they got home, I got a glimpse into the very near future as my daughter spoke to some friends via Facetime.

20131207-IMG_2065I love this picture. She is growing up right before my eyes. Sometimes I think too fast. And other times, not fast enough. She is unique in that she is still very much a little girl. And then you watch her handle her disease, and you realize she has been forced to be older beyond her years. My daughter is beautiful and innocent. I will probably always see her that way.

For her birthday she had a couple of girlfriends over. She was afraid her brother would be a pest, so we gave her the best present ever. πŸ™‚

20131207-IMG_5989For her birthday Stella wanted to have a sleepover. For a child with type 1 (at least in OUR house) the thought of having her spend the night at a friends house, and even grandma’s house, is to scary for us. She has never been out of our sight at night except for diabetic camp. But we could certainly host other kids. So we allowed her to have 2 friends over, starting small πŸ™‚ . One of her friends couldn’t spend the night due to a church event, but was able to hang out for a few hours, and her other friend came over later and spent the night. We bought some new games, set up the wii, had some new movies available, and made goodie bags for everyone. The girls couldn’t have been any nicer, and every body included Dash, which was a big bonus.

20131207-IMG_6006 20131207-IMG_5996 20131207-IMG_6021 20131208-IMG_6023We made a big breakfast for everyone on Sunday morning, and then we got ready for a puppy play date at the Los Angeles Arboretum. We met a couple of other Canine Hope families to get the dogs out and take some pictures.

20131208-IMG_2241 20131208-IMG_2147 20131208-IMG_2213 20131208-IMG_2226We managed to avoid the rain, but it was cold. We had 4 dogs and 8 kids with us. The Arboretum wasn’t crowded (except for geese) which makes it easier to get around without being a spectacle or attraction ourselves.

20131208-IMG_2269 20131208-IMG_2304 20131208-IMG_2318 20131208-IMG_2337You may notice Luke and Jedi, or maybe even Jojo and Levi. We had a great time chatting and letting the kids run around. It’s always nice to be in a group that gets it, that knows we have to stop often and check BS, or we have to wait while someone drinks a juice box or eats a snack.

20131208-IMG_2351 20131208-IMG_2370 20131208-IMG_2398 20131208-IMG_2423 20131208-IMG_2450 20131208-IMG_2491We were there for a few hours. One of my favorite moments was when we came upon a flock of geese in the road. They didn’t move until we got right up on them. I don’t know if they thought we would back down, but of course, Major is used to being around birds.

20131208-IMG_2376I took a picture of some type 1 warriors too. The moms and DADs πŸ™‚ . Taking a very rare moment to sit and relax. It doesn’t often happen.

20131208-IMG_2509We finished off the day playing and then headed home to have some warm soup. All in all, a great birthday weekend. And diabetes played amazingly well with us for her birthday. Thank you.

20131208-IMG_2521 20131208-IMG_2540 20131208-IMG_2567 20131208-IMG_2571 20131208-IMG_2576

Team Blackdogsrule

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