Cammy shares 1/2 a day in the life of her 4 year old, Zoe. Zoe had a scary incident during her day, and mom got a phone call from school that we all dread. Thank you for sharing Cammy!

Here’s Zoe!

A half a day in the life of Zoe, my four year old who has type one diabetes.

10:45 PM – Check blood sugar. 351. That is insanely high. Was it something she ate? Did the infusion site where Zoe’s insulin pump is hooked up to quit absorbing? It is supposed to last three days. It has been almost two. Do we correct the high blood sugar with her insulin pump to see if the site is absorbing, do we give her a shot with a syringe and go back to sleep? Do we change the site and then correct the high blood sugar with a new site? Is she sick and the insulin won’t absorb no matter what we do? Or is it the insulin, did the vial get to warm at some point and go bad? We decide to go with correct via pump with the current site to see if the site is bad and set alarm to check in one hour.

4:30 AM – well we missed the alarm to check in one hour. Slept right through it. Blood sugar? 350. Obviously, it was the site and now her blood sugar has been extremely high for over five hours. She is REALLY thirsty and has to keep going to the bathroom. Now we need to check to see if her body has started cranking out ketones, in which case we will have to double the dose of insulin to bring the numbers back down to normal. Ketones negative, thank God. Correct Zoe’s blood sugar with a syringe since it’s almost morning anyway, we will change the set in the morning. Praying that the insulin is good.

8:00 – good morning Zoe, time to change your set before you can eat breakfast.

8:45 – Blood sugar – 178. Phew. Well the insulin is working. High blood sugar but much better. Calculate carbs in breakfast, give insulin dose, feed breakfast, pack up supplies for preschool.

11:51 AM – At preschool, teacher checks Zoe before lunch and she is 70. Low. But we know the new infusion set site is working. Zoe is feeling sleepy.

12:09 Zoe has NOT been given insulin yet for lunch. Keep this in mind. Zoe is looking like she is going to fall asleep in her food so teacher re-checks Zoe to make sure she is okay and she is 34. Teacher tries to give Zoe juice but she says she is too tired to swallow. This is probably a true statement. We ask teacher to give Zoe cake frosting from her kit (which is probably all the way back in her classroom) and call 911. We are jumping in the car and on the way, we may actually beat the ambulance to the preschool. Teacher is sharp as a tack and bribes Zoe to drink her juice, Zoe works up enough energy to swallow a sip of juice and it gives her enough energy to finish the juice box.

12:20 – Zoe has come back up to 123 and finally has enough energy to eat lunch. We ask that Zoe not move around for a while so that she doesn’t have a seizure from the low. Now that she has eaten a whole meal and it’s naptime we feel it is safe to let her stay at preschool.

12:31 PM – Teacher wants to make sure Zoe’s blood sugar isn’t too high from lunch so checks – bg is 164 so no insulin given. We avoided the hospital so far. Teacher deserves an award today!

2:22 PM – Pick Zoe up from preschool. She slept in and hasn’t eaten snack yet. Trying to check blood sugar but Zoe puts up a fight and says “mom, the teachers have already poked my fingers SO MUCH today, I don’t want you to check my blood sugar anymore!”. Finally get her checked and she is at 303. Now we are wondering if she really IS getting sick or if the food from lunch just sat around for a while before it absorbed. Afraid to correct because of previous low but we correct anyway.

4:23 – Arrive and grandma’s house. Since it’s been a whole two hours since Zoe’s blood sugar has been checked, we check again. Blood sugar – 47. Now we are REALLY wondering if she is getting the stomach flu or something else funny going on. We give her double the usual amount of juice because that number is REALLY low.

5:15 PM – should have re-checked her a half an hour ago but things get busy sometimes with three kids! She has only come up to 113 which is great. We calculate how many carbs she is going to eat, serve up the food… and I break down because I am afraid if she has the stomach flu none of this food will absorb and then we will have another low before she actually throws up… so we make the decision and let her eat without giving her insulin for the meal. Not sure if I can take another low today.

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