9123060960_a02510915b_bBefore I talk about our camping trip this weekend, I would just like to say thank you to the team over at www.labradors.com. They did a feature on Major and Raven, and it turned out beautifully. I am so proud of this team, my daughter, and our whole family. We work hard to make life fun for our team, and these dogs go along way towards helping us. The team at Labradors.com really did their homework, spent time doing research on DAD’s, asked me some great questions, and put up a piece that I am very proud of. That interview is here: The Nose Knows


Where’s Waldo? I mean Major. We were only camping for 1 night, but when you have a diabetic and a dog, that requires a lot of stuff!

This weekend, the Canine Hope crew went camping up at Hurkey Creek campground near Idyllwild. 47 people and almost as many dogs. And, we got to meet the new Canine Hope-ful puppies! All these pups have begun their training towards becoming a DAD. (Not all of them will make it, but they may go on to be successful in some other area like Search & Rescue)

9178710627_4182e91120_b 20130629-IMG_8364 20130629-IMG_8447It was puppy overload. The cuteness was off the charts. Stella and I were lucky that we got to have the little black girl in our tent. (You wouldn’t expect anything else, right?) And she was great! She is full of energy, and then she likes to sleep in the communal water bowl. So funny!

20130629-P1010207 20130629-P1010199

20130630-P1010233 20130630-IMG_8599We got to meet a couple of new families just starting their journey towards getting a DAD, and it’s always amazing to see how they react when they see our dogs in action. My wife, son, and Raven stayed home this trip, as it was only overnight, and we have an old terrier (Tully) that isn’t doing so well, so they stayed home to keep an eye on him.


Home for the weekend

9180921900_72b1f35c44_b 9178707571_3bbe1fa079_b

The day was filled with kids and puppies, relaxing, getting to know new friends, and catching up with familiar faces. About the only thing that didn’t rest was diabetes. The dogs had plenty of opportunities to alert and show their stuff. Elevation, heat, physical activity, and the excitement of puppies all wreak havoc on BG levels, so while half of us were fixing lows, the other half was chasing highs. But when your surrounded by people who understand, and who keep an eye out on your children, and know what to do, it does have a calming effect.


Invisible diseases. 3 of these kids has type 1 diabetes

When we are with these dogs, it tends to bring up a lot of questions from strangers, normally starting off with, “how long have you been training this dog?”, or “what is he in training for?”. Most of that originates with the fact the diabetes is an “invisible” disease. Unless you see the pump, someone injecting, or someone testing, you’d never know they had a life threatening illness. I think at times, that really hurts the efforts of advocates to raise funds, because people can’t “see” it, like maybe they could with other diseases. And when you see these kids playing and running around, you’d never believe they had a disease. The picture above shows 5 children. 3 of them are diabetic. Can you tell me which ones? My daughter is a gimmie…

In case you haven’t noticed, I love taking pictures of my kids and dogs. The bathrooms at the campground were a hike, so I would escort my daughter every time she had to go, and on the way back from one of those trips, I snapped a few pics of her and Major. They may be some of my favorites that I’ve taken in a while. We are pretty well entrenched in the city, but my daughter really does look like she could be a country girl at heart

20130630-IMG_8577 20130630-IMG_8584 20130630-IMG_8591We packed up Sunday morning and tried to get down the hill to beat the heat. On my way home, all i wanted was coffee. Made the obligatory pit stop at Starbucks, and then off to home. As a photographer, I have always found that Starbucks locations have the most amazing light filtering in


ready to head home

9178707335_6b945cb68d_bAnd you always know you’ve had a pretty awesome weekend when your child is sacked out at 10am.

9177065604_f1d40ac354_oTeam Blackdogsrule


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  1. This is awesome. Those pics of the puppies have almost been the only thing that can make me smile. I love them.