20140216-IMG_9612I was asked a GREAT question recently: “I wonder if you have tips on keeping up training with a dad. My daughter got hers in December and I want her to keep up her skills.” I realized that I talk a lot about how much work a service dog is, and how much on-going training is required, but I never really showed you what a daily or weekly training regimen looks like. This post will show you a lot of different things we do with our dogs to aid in our working, training, and handling of them on a daily basis. While there are occasions that these dogs get free time, we keep them pretty busy (and they keep us pretty busy) all day (and night) long.

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1978589_809310919097142_902699288424603256_oWe participated in a local JDRF Walk for a Cure yesterday. I love any and all opportunities to get together with diabetics, parents of diabetics, and our Canine Hope family. It’s always amazing to be surrounded by people that all understand. That get it. That care. And that have a common goal. To see a cure for this awful disease. And when we have the dogs out at a diabetic event, it is fun to be an advocate. The questions from people about what they do, how they do it, can they go anywhere, does your daughter like them, and I bet you get to sleep through the night are always fun to talk about and respond to. But there is one answer to a question that I just can’t put in to words.

“Does this make managing diabetes easier?”

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I get to do 1 of my least and 1 of my most favorite things today. At the same time. I get to talk about my daughter’s diabetes, and I get to talk about DAD’s. Join us live, or catch the podcast anytime after the show as Tami Neumann and I discuss both. Tami has been hosting a healthcare interview show for awhile, and she is also a mother of a type 1. I am currently sitting here, making some notes, drinking some green tea, and trying not to totally freak out as the nerves start to kick in.


Team Blackdogsrule

We have several questions today that don’t require a full post, so let’s see how many we can answer. But before we get to the questions, check this out. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. I will be interviewed on Monday, 9/23/13 on the Conversations in Care show to discuss Diabetes and DAD’s. You can tune in live, or it will be available as a podcast shortly after airing. You can find it here: Conversations in Care

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Major on the moon

Tackling our 3rd reader question today, and it’s a good one dealing with “life with a service dog”.

Pasha-Anna Federov asks: “I would like to hear your thoughts on travel with a DAD, amusement parks, airplanes, long car trips, zoo/fair with lots of other animals around. Also, does Stella go to sleepovers, or visit grandparents without you? And, if so, what happens to the dogs? Do they go with her? Stay home with you?”

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On our Facebook page last week, I asked if any of our members had a topic about DAD’s or diabetes, and several great topics came up that I will be covering here soon. The first one I wanted to cover was from Jenn Demchuk. She writes:

“I would like to hear more about the bonds developed between the DAD’s and family members. How have they developed, which DAD is closest with Stella? Does Stella have a preference for one of them? What about with the other members of your family? Do you have a preference? Who’s personality meshes best with who? And I know they have different strengths and weaknesses as DAD’s (why you have two) but which one is the stronger or even more consistent?”

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9700620539_d01101b090_bMeet Canine Hope’s Lexi. In the picture above, she is the black lab. 🙂 More »

20130827-P1020251Earlier this week, we took Major to our son’s kindergarten class to educate them on all the wonderful things service dogs can do, and how they should behave around service dogs. Every time we mention Major going to school, everyone wants to know why Major isn’t always with Stella at school. I figured I’d finally put it all in a post, so I have a post to link to when it comes up again. More »

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