397501_10202205571478405_1007170135_nOn Sunday I ran the Santa Clarita marathon. For 3 years now, I have run a marathon during my birthday week, my own little healthy birthday present to myself after years of neglect. But unlike the previous 2 years, I hadn’t trained as well for this one. September and October were super busy months for me and our family, and while I was still running, I wasn’t running the long runs at all. As a matter of fact, I ran 13 miles 6 weeks before the marathon (my longest, when I would normally get to 22 miles) and I had to go back to the LA marathon to find anything longer. More »

20131026-P1010918That picture pretty much sums up how much fun we had. On Saturday, we did the Lake Elsinore Color Vibe run with some of our Canine Hope friends. The Color Vibe run has a great, festive, fun feel to it. There are no clocks or timers. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t much running involved at all. More »

I don’t often post stuff like this, but here goes. As many of you know, i’m a runner. It is new to me, and proves an amazing way to stay sane. Anyway, I’m training for my 5th marathon in November. It has been really hot here recently, and has really affected my training. I’m behind to say the least. I had a 13 mile run scheduled for this morning that I was dreading. Before bed last night, I read something someone wrote that upset me (and this will be the last time I even remotely mention it). I slept in, then proceeded to drag my feet this morning. I was looking for excuses. When I finally headed out the door, I knew I wasn’t going to get 13. Lucky if I got 8. I had my sports drink, and I put $3 in my pocket to stop and get a Strawberry Lemonade Gatorade at a local 7-11 that is at the 7 mile mark. I was running, focusing on all my body parts that are sore, focused on how it was getting warmer. Bummed that I didn’t have Major. Getting more miserable along the way. I hit the 7-11 and knew if I just bagged it, I could run home with my 8ish miles. More »

I ran the LA Marathon on Sunday. My day started at 4:15 am with a cup of coffee, a banana and a Cliff bar. That is a pretty typical breakfast for me before a long run. Once we got to Dodger Stadium (the starting line) I had a second banana. Once the race starts, every 5 miles I consume a GU energy gel and drink some NUUN Hydration drink in an effort to maintain and consume about 40-60 carbs an hour. More »

Scene from a morning run at Puddingstone

I’m going to run the LA Marathon this Sunday. This is not my first marathon, and it won’t be my last. But I am in better shape for this one then I have been in the past, and I owe a lot of that to these 2 dogs.

In training for this race, I’ve been running 5-6 times a week since December. On 90% of those runs, I have had atleast 1, and often both of these dogs with me.

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If your dog is fat, you aren’t getting enough exercise ~ Unknown

I exercise our DAD’s a lot. I’m a runner, and most of my runs include at least one, and often both of our DAD’s. I’m in training for the LA Marathon (which is less then 2 weeks away!) so I have been running upwards of 40 miles a week for the past several weeks. Major runs about 25-30 of those with me and Raven runs 18-20. I’ll explain the difference later. More »

It’s been a long time since I’ve done this with any frequency. One could even say it was a different lifetime ago.

So, who am I? I’m a dad of 2 beautiful kids. My wife and I have a boy and a girl, and our daughter is a type 1 diabetic and has Asperger’s (a high functioning form of autism). In order to help us keep her blood sugar in check, we have 2 service dogs, or Diabetic Alert Dogs, better known as DAD’s.

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