9178707077_27b02736cd_bThis may become part of a regular series in an effort to help you locate a great organization to get a diabetic alert dog from. First topic? How they raise their puppies. The first year of a dogs life is a very important time. Socialization, obedience training, maturity markers, vet care, there are so many milestones that need to be paid attention to, that how an organization raises their puppies should be an important part of your decision. More »

11003235465_f8f15bb56f_bRaven is our night alerter. She sleeps in our room, next to our bed, on a Kuranda cot, as seen above. We have learned from trial and error, that if Raven sleeps on a pillow type dog bed, a foam mattress type bed, or in bed with us, she sleeps too hard and doesn’t wake up at night to alert. When she sleeps on the Kuranda cot, that is not an issue. She is able to wake up and alert just fine. That has been working well for us right up until… More »


It’s been awhile since i have talked about the amount of training that is involved with having a successful Diabetic Alert Dog. We are constantly¬† working on something, whether it is reinforcing behaviors we already know, like the basics of “sit, stay, down, come, etc”, or working on scent training using low samples when our daughter is either away from the house, or at a good BG level, or doing something new and fun like Agility or Rally

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This picture is the very first picture I took of Major and Stella. I feel so bad, as I thought their anniversary was on 10/5, but we actually had Major placed with us on 9/25/11. It is so hard to believe that this amazing creature has been with us for 2 years. So, to the most amazing DAD team I know, Happy Anniversary!

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977457_620803791281190_644263188_oJulia Coenen Smallwood had a reader question for us that I don’t believe I have addressed at all here. Her question is:

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9888497755_75e24f35aa_bThank you to everyone that listened to the interview yesterday. For those of you that missed it, it is available here: Conversations in Care – A Girls Best Friend

I had a blast doing it, and a HUGE thank you to Tami Neumann of Conversations in Care for having me on. And if you are new here as a result of hearing us on the interview, welcome! Please feel free to look around. More »

We have several questions today that don’t require a full post, so let’s see how many we can answer. But before we get to the questions, check this out. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. I will be interviewed on Monday, 9/23/13 on the Conversations in Care show to discuss Diabetes and DAD’s. You can tune in live, or it will be available as a podcast shortly after airing. You can find it here: Conversations in Care

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Major on the moon

Tackling our 3rd reader question today, and it’s a good one dealing with “life with a service dog”.

Pasha-Anna Federov asks: “I would like to hear your thoughts on travel with a DAD, amusement parks, airplanes, long car trips, zoo/fair with lots of other animals around. Also, does Stella go to sleepovers, or visit grandparents without you? And, if so, what happens to the dogs? Do they go with her? Stay home with you?”

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