A letter to all my animal rescue friends. Because not enough of our rescued animals come with follow up stories.

Our black lab Major (the inspiration for this page) was rescued by Crystal, the head of Canine Hope for Diabetics who also happens to be an animal control officer. She had gotten a tip about a hunting dog trainer that was abusing a dog.  More »

9548083504_5fff53b4cb_oMeet Angus. The newest member of Team Blackdogsrule. 🙂 And I realize he’s not black. Yes, there has been a disturbance in the force. So who is Angus, and why is he here?

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971901_10201091690072066_648802622_nIt is with a sad and heavy heart that I make this post. We are losing Roxy today. She has been suffering from Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer, for over a year. We have been taking good care of her, and keeping a close eye on her, and fretting about her as we have watched her lose weight and struggle to keep it on. More »

ToffeeOne of the things I love to do, and normally dedicate at least 2 weekends a month to, is going to a shelter to help photograph animals in the shelter that need to be adopted. I do a lot of this work through United Hope for Animals at the Baldwin Park Shelter. That particular shelter is a high kill shelter, so we go in there, take high quality photographs and videos of the dogs, and combine them with a bio of the animal, and then network them through places like Facebook and www.adoptapet.com. We have a 96% success rate of getting those animals adopted.  More »

Another reason that I started this site was to help advocate for black dogs in our shelters. Black Dog Syndrome is alive and well, and it is sad. Black dogs are euthanized at a much higher rate in kill shelters than any other color animal. Major is a rescue that our trainer saved from an abusive situation, and look how THAT is turning out.

I volunteer time and my photography skills to local shelters to photograph their animals and help get them adopted. Good photography brings people in to the shelters and gets these animals into new homes. As long as we can get people coming in, we can get them to take some amazing animals home, even if it wasn’t the initial animal they saw.

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