This weekend is Father’s Day weekend. I will once again be lucky enough to surround myself with my family all weekend long, enjoying each others company. The weekend calls for horseback riding, swimming at Grandma’s, and most likely a beach trip with a couple of runs for the dogs and I mixed in. As has become customary here, I would like to take this time to write a letter to my kids. More »

Dear Stella and Dash,


Tomorrow is Father’s Day. It’s always a strange day for me, and one I feel somehow very ill equipped for. You see, when I was growing up, it was just another Sunday. I grew up without a dad, and all though I had a father, I wasn’t even really a blip on his radar.


I never had a male role model growing up, and so I often struggle with some of the typical male things that some of the other kids get from their dads. I never really had anyone around to teach me these things, and of the typical male things I do know, I kinda had to teach myself. My mom, your Nana, is an amazing woman, but as a single mom, working her ass off to get us through, fishing and Boy Scouts weren’t necessarily priorities.

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ReanimatorPlease click on the picture. No, really. Stella made this stop animation sequence. What you see here is a scientist putting his dead dog on a table in his lab, and bringing it back to life. With a pterodactyl of course. Just shows you where her head is at today. Roxy was the first animal that she was around for from beginning to end. Stella had a rough day today, but she has had lots of love and hugs, both from us and from Major and Raven. And she is a little genius. I love this.

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