20130413-IMG_4837We took the wonder twins dock diving over the weekend. I think that if there is a Major and Raven heaven, it includes a lake and someone throwing a ball/wubba. These dogs go CRAZY for playing fetch in the water. They work hard, and when it comes time to play, they play even harder.


The majority of pictures you see here are of Raven (green collar). Stella and I were the only ones that went, so we each had a dog. 2 dogs, one child, trying to shoot pictures after throwing a ball and going as fast as I can while that lab is retrieving, well, it gets tiring! Stella had Raven for most of the day, and I had Major (red collar). I was testing out a camera I borrowed from a friend to see if I like it. I broke my main camera last weekend, and am in the market for a new one. I was trying out the Canon 7D with my 100-400 zoom. I must say I LOVED the faster frame rate of this camera.

20130413-IMG_4880 20130413-IMG_4906 20130413-IMG_4931

For those of you that have been following along, you may remember the last time we did this, Raven got “cold tail”. It’s a painful injury that comes from too cold water and over exertion. We kept our day short (we were only there 2 hours) in an effort to prevent it from happening again, and we were successful! Raven’s tail was wagging like crazy all day and she woke up just fine on Sunday.


Here’s one of Major!


Raven off the dock




Batdog, I mean Major off the dock

Major loves his tennis ball. Raven loves her Wubba. That makes it a little easier to take them both out at the same time, as they each go after their own toy.

20130413-IMG_5079 20130413-IMG_5157 20130413-IMG_5240

These dogs are absolutely amazing. They will go all day, literally injuring themselves. So it’s up to us to know when to call it a day. When we went in January, the water was way too cold, and we stayed way too long. This time, it was a nice day, the temperature was good, Raven is in better shape and has been running with me consistently, and we capped it at 2 hours.


We have also learned that if Raven over exerts herself during the day, she will sleep through blood sugar issues. Sometimes, that is unavoidable, and as long as we know we have taxed her during the day, we know she won’t be available at night. But by swimming early, keeping it short, and being home for her to rest for most of the day, she was ready Saturday night. We crated her so she could sleep, and we took Major with us to lunch. He is in amazing shape, and has incredible endurance.


Look closely. Stella and Raven have the same expression 🙂


On our way out to the event, Raven alerted in the car. Stella was 232. She had breakfast not long before that, and still had insulin on board working on that food. Her pump told me I could give her .85 units of insulin, but knowing that we were going to do some physical activities, I opted to only give her .25. I am also extremely cautious when we are doing a “dog specific” activity, where we are engaging the dogs and letting them have fun. I get concerned that an alert may be missed, so I am more diligent in my checking. After our first 1/2 hour, I checked her and she was 117. A good number, but she was burning off quite a bit pretty rapidly, so I had her drink some Gatorade. 45 minutes later we checked, and she was 107. We had some more Gatorade. She was 110 when we left. A perfect outing. Shortly after we got home, as we were getting ready to go to lunch, Major alerted. She was 85. Great alert Major. We packed up and hustled out to lunch to get us all some food.

Great day with the labs. Everyone had a blast, and we had no causalities. 🙂

Team Blackdogsrule

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