Shhhh, don’t tell Raven she is working. Or in training. Or learning. She just thinks she is having fun.

The video is short and choppy because Instagram video limits you to 15 seconds. But what we have here is a training exercise. A structured session. Our dogs LOVE to retrieve. They will fetch for hours. We can use that to our advantage to help build patience and self control with these dogs.

The drill works like this. The dog begins sitting by my side. The bumper is thrown and the dog must stay seated and can’t break. The dog must remain calm and look to me for direction. When I have her focus, I release her. She retrieves the bumper, returns to a sit by my side and willingly gives me the bumper.

As you can see, there are multiple disciplines in this. It is what we could call a behavior chain. Many little things that have been learned independently (like sit, stay, watch or focus, fetch, come, and drop) that get rolled into 1 long behavior, “fetch”.

And again, Raven could do this all day. We use this sometimes as a reward, or after a longer obedience session, or if we have been experiencing a bad day with high blood sugars to give them some “off time,  or just to have some fun and bonding time with the dog. And if they don’t know they are working, then they think they are playing. And I’m not about to let them in on my secret 😉

Team Blackdogsrule


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