Last Sunday we went on a hike to the Eaton Canyon Falls with another Canine Hope family, Luke & Jedi. Jedi is a DAD in training, and is doing amazingly well, and Luke is one of the cutest little 4 year olds you’ve ever seen. So we packed up the family and labs and headed to Pasadena.

Major & Jedi. Next week, Jedi will be bigger than Major. Jedi is only 6 months old!

We had amazing weather, but of course that brings out a LOT of hikers, and a LOT of dogs. It makes for a great training session for the dogs. I’m still surprised how many people bring out their dogs and have them off leash. We do a lot with our dogs, and they are exceptionally well trained, but I still never take them off leash in public. I do some training with them off leash, and we practice sit, stay, recall and heel, because we often take pictures of them by themselves, or in case one of the dogs gets off leash, someone leaves a door open, or for any precautionary measure, to assure I can get the dog back before something bad happens. And even that is done in a controlled environment.

I love this dog! He’s so handsome
Jedi showing “watch”
I wouldn’t want to run into this gang in a dark alleyway
Must have been a fart joke 😉

We all trekked up to the falls, and when we got there, it was jammed with people! Major alerted, so we checked, and Stella was in the 80’s, and we still had to hike back, so Gatorade to the rescue!. She spent a good majority of the day in the low range. Major got quite the work out.

Luke has the best seat in the house!
Jedi running through the water
I told you Luke was cute!

We had a blast on our hike, and we had no casualties or calamities to speak of. All the kids get along great. We love Luke’s family. Luke and Dash are close in age and play together, and Luke’s older brothers are Stella’s age, so it works out really well.

Wet shoes, wet shorts, wet lab, big smiles
Jedi was making eyes at Raven 😉
Team Blackdogsrule
The toughest part of the hike is heading back up the road

So, very funny story. Jedi went potty on the trail. I offered Dorrie a poop bag but she said she had some. So she pulls out her dispenser, opens it up, and finds that someone has replaced her bags with a Lego.

I love this last shot of Luke, his oldest brother, and Jedi. So sweet. We had a lot of fun with them. Can’t wait until the next trip!

Team Blackdogsrule


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  1. Are your awesome dogs fixed? Was just wondering if there ever will be a Jedi/Raven or Major/Raven off spring to carry on the awesome work these dogs do?

    • Frank Wisneski

      Both Major and Raven are fixed. My wife and I are both heavily involved in animal rescue so all our animals are fixed, and the DAD program we work with won’t place a finished dog until it’s been spayed/neutered

  2. Thank you for the reply. Was wondering because I saw on canines for hope website about dogs being bred while I was researching after my daughters scare last month. It’s how I found out about your FB page. Awesome work these dogs and trainers and wonderful people like you do.