A note to myself:

Please don’t ever allow me to use my daughters disease as a way to get things that I want. To use her for sympathy. To show her that it’s okay to play the victim card, whoa is me, or worse, blame others for her troubles. While it is completely understandable that for the rest of her life accommodations will need to be made, lifestyle changes will have to be maintained, and healthy living will always have to be adhered too, and while having episodes of high or low blood sugar, special care will need to be taken, it will never be okay for me as a parent to pretend that I am the one that has the disease, that I am the one that was handed the raw deal or that I am the one that requires special treatment.

My children will know they are special because they are amazing, because they add value, because they bring a uniqueness all their own into this world. They will know that the way to get ahead, to get what you want out of this life takes work. Takes brains and smarts and sweat and dedication and brawn. My daughter will know that yes, there will be times when she will need assistance, and she will need to ask for it, but there is a difference between needing help and crying wolf. I will always be here to protect my children, to fight for them and advocate for them. But I will never whine about the raw deal I got. Hell, I was given the most precious gift anyone could ever receive. My feelings are all of gratitude and graciousness, not anger and resentment. That shows. They learn from that. They pick up on that.

Empower them. Embrace them. And teach them to care for themselves. Let them know they are not victims, that they have been chosen for a reason. Teach them that the only thing they should demand from anyone is respect.

I love my children. And I want them to be able to seize every opportunity presented to them. But they need to earn it. Like a wise man once said:

Go for it

Nothing is real if you don’t believe in who you are!

Nobody owes nobody nothin’. You owe yourself.

Team Blackdogsrule

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  1. I wish blogs included ‘Like’ buttons because I’d hit ‘Like’ on this post. Well stated!

  2. Johanna DeGidio Reynolds

    Thanks Frank. Aptly put, and a wonderful “Note to self” for all of us.

  3. Thanks for the blog. As a type 1 diabetic for 57 years, I always enjoy reading about your daughter’s alert dogs.