This weekend is Father’s Day weekend. I will once again be lucky enough to surround myself with my family all weekend long, enjoying each others company. The weekend calls for horseback riding, swimming at Grandma’s, and most likely a beach trip with a couple of runs for the dogs and I mixed in. As has become customary here, I would like to take this time to write a letter to my kids.To the 2 most amazing kids on the planet, I can’t tell you how proud I am of both of you. You both are coming off amazing school years, with Stella on the honor roll all year, and having a better GPA at the end than at the beginning! Her first dance, her first sleep over, I feel like it is starting to move a little fast for me at times, and I know I’d like it to slow down. Moving from elementary into middle school will be a big adjustment next year, but you are smart and perfectly capable, plus you will be surrounded by kids you’ve known all your life. I am so amazed at the young woman you are becoming. Working hard with Raven, progressing rapidly on the horse, it just doesn’t seem that long ago that you and I were holding hands walking on the beach.

Stella & dad at beach 2 7-14-04 Stella & dad at beach 7-14-04And Dash, you finished your first year of school with a bang! 2 awards for student of the Month and for physical fitness! Your teachers think so highly of you, and listening to how well you read now is amazing! I feel like it was just last week you were telling me you couldn’t read (as you were actually reading the sign). You are becoming quite the little ham too! And I love that you are always willing to take a hike with dad.

Dash1 Picture 001

You both are just so amazing to me, and such radically different individuals. It is awesome to watch these personalities blossom. I love you both. Can’t wait to see what this next year brings.

Love you both, and always look out for each other.




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