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As the image says, this month is all about Black Dog and Cat Syndrome Awareness month. I volunteer in a high kill shelter taking photographs to help get animals adopted. Black dog bias is alive and well. There are lot’s of thoughts as to why this exists. Black dogs are often portrayed as evil/mean/nasty in movies and TV. Black is the color of some of the dominant breeds like Rottweilers and Dobermans, often portrayed as security or guard dogs, or “devil dogs”. Black cats are the symbol of Halloween.

Often times, the animals at the shelter are scared and stay towards the back of the kennel. If the shelter is poorly lit, the darker animals are harder to see. But please know this, around here, we think black dogs are pretty damn amazing. They could even be called “lifesavers”. So if you are looking for a new companion, head down to your shelter and pick out a black dog or cat. After all, black never goes out of style. And don’t forget, #blackdogsrule


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