20140413-IMG_7263-2Here is hoping that everyone had an amazing Easter. We have had a super busy weekend here, with lots of hiking, some long runs, a rally/Easter egg hunt with our Canine Hope family, and a day at Grandma’s house today. Major had a very busy past couple of days, so we gave him today off, and we took Raven with us on our trip to Nana’s house.20140420-IMG_7300-Edit

Raven was due for some one on one real time alerting sessions, and we worked on structured water retrieves and car alerting training. We have recently changed the way we ride with Raven in the car in an effort to fine tune our car alerts, but that will be a post on all it’s own at a later date. She had a blast at Nana’s swimming in the warm (it was pushing 90 degrees here today) California sun.



For our structured retrieves, we make sure that the dog is showing restraint, doesn’t bolt after the bumper, and looks to us calmly waiting to be released. Raven was a very patient, good girl today. And here are some more pictures from our play day at Nana’s house 🙂

Hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend!

Team Blackdogsrule

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