Hellen shares her day with her type 1 son Finn. She also has Jordan, a DAD. Sounds like it was an interesting day yesterday. You can follow them here: Helping Finnlee

This is a day in the life of Type 1 diabetes for Finnlee. The day we recorded was a nice and easy day.  Not all days are this EASY.  This is what it takes to keep him in range, Safe, healthy, and alive. We use 4 tools…our brains, our blood sugar meter, a continuous glucose monitor, and a diabetic alert dog.

Many of us are coming together today sharing what our days look like because it has been brought up that we should take a day off of raising awareness…as you see T1 never takes a break even on a good day. Until there is a cure you will hear me raising awareness for my son, my children at risk, the families of other t1’s that have become our T1 family…and for your children. Because no more children should have to live this life.

Jordan Alerts
Check BS 152
Treat Jordan
Leave Finn @ 152 for bedtime,
And recheck later.

Check Dexcom
174 Arrows going up
Check BS 177 on Meter
Bolus Insulin via pump

10:1 pm
BS Check 136

Check Dexcom before we
Go to sleep. 133

Dexcom Alarms
Says Finn is High at 155
Leave it and recheck in 2 hrs.

Dexcom Re Alarms
Says Finn is High at 172
Check BS via Meter 169
Bolus insulin Via Pump

Check Dexcom
Blood Sugar In Range

Dexcom Alarms BS 156
Do not treat.

7:15 am
Jordan Alerts
Check Dexcom Says BS 175 going up
Check BS Via Meter BS 184
Bolus insulin Via Pump

Jordan Alerts
Check BS on Dexcom 165
Wait to treat with breakfast
Treat Jordan

8:20 am
Dexcom Alarms says Finn is high at 152
Check BS Via Meter 146
Count Carbs and
Bolus Insulin for Breakfast Carbs Eating

9:05 am
Jordan Alerts
Check BS on Dexcom 180
Do not give any additional insulin.
This spike is from Carbs from Breakfast.
Treat Jordan

Jordan Alerts
Check BS on Dexcom 187 going up
Finn still has Insulin working in his system(IOB)
Don’t push any extra insulin
Treat Jordan

Finn wants a snack
Check BS on Meter 185
Count Carbs
Bolus Insulin for carbs eating.

Dexcom Alarms 194
No Insulin given this is a spike from snack

Check Dexcom 206
Check BS on Meter 191
Bolus additional insulin to bring
Blood sugar back into range.

Jordan Alerts
Check Dexcom 116 Going down
Check BS Via Meter 84
Give 4 gummie bears to keep his blood sugar up.

12:15 pm
Check Blood Sugar Via Meter 73
Juice given to get his blood sugar up.

Finnlee Snacks
Bolus insulin for Carbs eating

Dexcom Alarms 186 Going up
Spike from Snack IOB working

Jordan Alerts
Check Dexcom 165 Going down
Wait to treat.
Treat Jordan

Finn wants Snack
Check BS via meter 151
Bolus Insulin for Carbs eating

More Snacking
Bolus Insulin for Carbs eating

Check Blood sugar Via Meter 134
Bolus Insulin for Carbs Eating Dinner

Jordan Alerts
Check Blood Sugar Via Meter 105
Treat Jordan

Night Snack
Bolus Insulin for Carbs Eating

Jordan Crated for nap
Check Dexcom 71 Going Down
Check Blood sugar via Meter 57!!
Juice Given to bring blood sugar up.
15 minutes later more Juice given.

Thank you for following our Journey and helping raise awareness.

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