8733373815_d028cb96b1_bIt’s summer time! For some of us, that means backyard BBQ’s and days spent by the pool. Add kids and dogs, and it can get pretty chaotic, and not so fun. So we are working really hard to keep our dogs calm and controllable around the pool. A child could very easily get hurt if a dog went after a pool toy that someone threw in the water.

Here, we are working on patience and self control. Making sure a dog waits it’s turn before going into the water to fetch a toy. This is a work in progress, and what you see here is a tremendous improvement over what we started with. It is something that hunting dog trainers work with in their own dogs, and it proves to be a very valuable training session for a variety of reasons. Just one more training scenario we picked up at the Wildrose Diabetic Alert Dog Conference and the fantastic book, “The Wildrose Way

We will be working this all summer long. We are also making the dogs work before being able to fetch. I have started making them do off leash heel work around the pool. If they can get all the way around the pool without breaking, then they get the reward of being able to fetch the ball. It is proving to be a pretty good system.

Team Blackdogsrule

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