Earlier today on my Facebook page, I asked you what myths you hated hearing.That made you cringe. And you came through in spades. Sorry about the ugly formatting, this is a straight copy/paste from Facebook.


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Okay type 1’s and type 1 parents. We all know the myths. We cringe when we hear them. And every time we get an email or a facebook post from a friend, family member, or an acquaintance about some “miracle cure”, every time we see Roger Bezanis’ name pop up, every time we hear about cinnamon or running a lap, every time someone says “maybe she should skip the doughnut”, a little piece of us dies inside. We want to scream. Here is your chance. Tell me what you are tired of hearing. Tell us right here what you want every one to know. Scream it if it helps. But get it out. Lets debunk ALL the myths. Go!
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  1. When we are sitting Down for dinner with my in laws and they say to me, “are you watching what he’s eating?” Seriously?!??!?? I just want to throw something at them!!!!