4853938948_0708af175c_bI will never know what it is like to live life with type 1 diabetes. I will never know how fuzzy, off, and out of focus a 400 feels, and I will never know how disorienting and scary a 25 feels. As often as I ask, as often as I have had it explained to me, as often as I have witnessed these, and with as many diabetics as I have spoken with, I will still never truly understand.

I will never understand how scary it was for my 7 year old to think she was losing her eyesight. Or the fear she felt when she would be trapped in a car with no water and no way to quench her voracious thirst, or the constant feeling of having to urinate for weeks prior to her diagnosis. The embarrassment of wetting the bed and thinking it was her instead of knowing there was a medical issue.

This is what I do know. I am the parent of a type 1 diabetic. And while I don’t know what it’s like to live with diabetes, I do know what it’s like to live with a diabetic. And I will use every resource I have available to me to make sure she lives a healthy, productive life. I will, until the end of my days, fight for her, help her, advocate for her, support her, care for her and love her. I will pray for a cure. Wish for a cure. Walk for a cure. Scream for a cure. And work towards a cure. I know how it feels to know your child has a disease that can’t be cured. That can be life threatening. That carries a laundry list of health issues with it. And that doesn’t feel good at all.

I will live the rest of my life with only 4-6 interrupted hours of sleep every night because that is what I feel I need to do. I will care for her and carry the brunt of her disease on my shoulders for as long as she will let me, and when she decides she is ready to take on more responsibility for her disease I will show her and teach her and continue to support her in any and every way I can.

Why? Because she is my daughter. I love her. She will always be my little peanut. And diabetes is a shitty thing to get as a kid. Am I responsible for her diagnosis? No, I am not. But I carry a responsibility for her care. And I take that job seriously.

What ever it takes. For how ever long. And at whatever cost. Until there is a cure, there are Moms, Dads, little brothers and DAD’s. We are a T1 family. We work hard every day to kick diabetes ass. Some days we win. Some days we lose. But everyday we fight until the end. Until there’s a cure.

Team Blackdogsrule

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  1. you bet ya! We do all and everything possible that we can do to help our T1 family member! It amazes me the devotion that many families have and it sure does stun me when there are those who comment with mean-spirited comments about what you believe your role is.

    No offense intended, but I am shocked about those who don’t support -with-everything-they have or don’t get up in the night to check blood sugar! I am just wondering if they are really getting the education that they really should be required to have??? I know my grandson’s endo says that our local hospital really isn’t equipped to handle t1d cases. As it turns out, a friend who has a daughter with t1d, went to that ill equipped hospital for some blood tests and the child was needing a snack. Mind you the nurses know that she is there and is diabetic. She brings her a cookie and juice ???? I am suspecting that she didn’t know the difference between type 1 and type 2…or just made an assumption since there are so many type 2’s in our society. I guess the mom could have told the nurse, carb free snack. Anyway, our doctor didn’t even send us to that hospital because their lack of knowledge. I also read one person’s story where his doctor told him to get educated about diabetes??? Really??? Isn’t that the doctors job??? or at least ensure that the diabetic is placed in good hands to receive that education??? I am just shocked that there are soo many out there who take it so nonchalant- like it’s not a life threatening disease, that it really doesn’t have long term affects.

    For those of you who are ALL IN with your T1D! Kudo’s to you in a big way! I think you are rock stars!

    For those of you who are family or firends of the caregivers of the T1D, please, please, please, learn all you can to help with the care of those T1D’s- learn it all… bolus,checks, changing insets, what to do in emergencies, everything… and stay up on it so that your family or friend can occasionally take a little break- even for date night or a movie/dinner night out for those singles… or better yet, a night to sleep through the night and maybe even sleep in! Or if you can and the family member can do it, give the gift of care giving for a vacation for them- to get the much needed respite that they so deserve!!!

  2. And Nightscout. : )

  3. I could have written this article. I was diagnosed at age 6 and my parents and grandparents were caregivers. Now i still have my mother who is concerned and my brother, sister-in-law, son, daughter-in-law, and friends who are concerned.