Johanna participated in our “Day in the life of a type 1” project. Johanna is an adult type 1. She is a huge part of our DAD organization, Canine Hope For Diabetics, working as our resident type 1 for real time training with each dog. She almost always has multiple dogs, her dog Porcha, and at least 1 other DAD in training. With multiple DAD’s in the house, testing can happen a lot. Trust me, I know. Thank you for doing this Johanna!

A couple of parents of Type 1 kids, and current DAD handlers, had a great idea of fellow diabetics posting logs this Sunday showing what a “typical” day for a diabetic looks like. Here’s my log for Saturday:

A Day in the Life of a Type 1
Saturday, October 5, 2013

12:16am – 133 working on the computer; Flame and Porcha keeping watch over me in the office.

3:27am – 116 Last BG check before bed.

4:53am – 64 Porcha and Flame woke me for a low BG (probably dropped due to lack of sleep and being overtired). Good Job Girls!! Drink juice box (15g carbs) and will retest in 15 min before going back to sleep.

5:06am – 109 BGs back up…air the dogs return to bed.

8:19am – 97 Wake up, air dogs, and feed them. Get my cup of coffee (12g carbs) and bolus (.8u) to prevent high BG later.

10:04am – 136 Super tired from being up so late last night and only getting 4.5 hours of sleep. I’m going to take a nap!

12:31pm – 48 Woke from nap by two dogs climbing on me and alerting (again, good job girls!) Drink juice (15g) and wait for the shakiness to go away.

12:46 – 74 Porcha alerting again. Retest and drink more juice (15g)

1:05pm – 111 Now that BGs are normal, have a soy protein shake (22g carbs / 19g protein). Dual wave bolus for carbs and protein in Shake: 1.4 units of insulin, 60/40 over 1 hour.

3:49pm – 147 working at computer; get ready to head to the store

6:19pm – 52 At the store shopping (no DAD with me; giving them downtime since we had a long night). Drink juice while in the store, then head to checkout line.

6:31pm – 84 Just got back in my car. Test before driving home. BG is good, so head home to make dinner.

7:22pm – 109 Test before dinner. Calculate carbs (26 carbs, 12g protein). Bolus 1.5 units for dinner.

9:14pm – 179 Flame alerting for a high. A little earlier than usual (normally alerts for >185). Reward her for the alert taking into consideration the margin of error of glucose meter. Take more insulin to correct high BG (.8u).

11:24pm – 80 Porcha alerted. BG is lower due to running up and down stairs often while doing laundry. Eat 2 glucose tablets (8g carbs)

12:38am (Sunday) – 114
All is well! (Until the next time)

Saturday entailed
~16 finger sticks for blood tests
~ 4 extra doses of insulin for carb intake and high BG correction
~ 4 juice boxes and 2 glucose tablets to correct low blood sugars

This was actually a GOOD diabetes day

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