20131124-IMG_1155On Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend, we got be a part of something really cool. Especially if you are a Star Wars geek like me. We were invited to attend the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con as special guests of the Southern California Garrison, 501st Legion. The 501st learned of Luke and Jedi, and decided to help raise money for them and Canine Hope for Diabetics.

20131123-IMG_1068 20131123-IMG_1097 20131124-IMG_1122Aside from the obvious awesomeness of hanging out with amazing Star Wars characters, a comic convention is a great place to do training with the dogs. From a very early age, we take these dogs to places like Disneyland and introduce them to all the people in costume to get them comfortable with it. You run into them all the time, at a sporting event, the mall, Halloween, Little Ceasars pizza, etc.

20131123-IMG_1052Major did an amazing job. He never seems phased by characters dressed up at all. As a matter of fact, he and Darth Vader got along fabulously. And when we went back on Sunday (just Major, Dash, and I) he alerted to a great low on Luke. He has always had a sweet spot for Luke, and will alert on him when Stella isn’t near by.

20131124-IMG_1179 20131124-IMG_1177 20131124-IMG_1171 20131124-IMG_1165We had a fantastic time, and it is certainly not something you get to do everyday. Each time we get to do something like this, these dogs just get stronger and better. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

20131123-IMG_0973 20131123-IMG_0977 20131123-IMG_1009 20131123-IMG_0980 20131123-IMG_1048 20131124-IMG_1116 20131124-IMG_1118 20131124-IMG_1162 20131124-IMG_1144 20131124-IMG_1146 20131124-IMG_1149Team Blackdogsrule

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