20130827-IMG_3506Our son’s Kinder teacher asked if we could bring Major in to talk to the class about service dogs. Our son now goes to the same school as our daughter, but his class starts 45 minutes later. My wife and Major are always there for drop off and pick up, so we like to make sure all the kids are educated on proper service dog etiquette and educate them on what types of jobs they can do, so we were happy to oblige. 

20130827-IMG_3511I stood in the back and took pictures as Laurie talked about service dogs, DAD’s, and diabetes. It’s tough explaining diabetes to 5 year olds, but she did a great job. She also covered how to act around service dogs, to not touch the dogs, or at least ask before petting, because they are working. We opened it up to questions, and most kids wanted to know about all the other types of jobs dogs can do.

20130827-IMG_3517 20130827-IMG_3515After she was done, I wanted to try something new. I brought along our scent stick, and asked the teacher if she’d mind if we showed the kids how Major uses his nose. She had no issues at all, and appreciated letting the kids see him work. In this next picture, Major actually alerted to Laurie as I was putting the scent stick together. I was using scent that we had been training with for 3 days, so it was “tired” scent.

20130827-IMG_3526I hid the stick in the class while all the children sat on the floor and let Major go search for it. He appears agitated at the beginning because I let him fetch it and smell it before I hid it. He was amped up and ready to go.

He did great on that test. Then I asked the teacher if I could have all the kids sit at their desk while I hid it under one of them. This test proved a little more difficult for him. The distraction level is VERY high, all though he does really well with all the kids. The room is small, and at this point, the room is saturated with the scent as the scent stick has been waved around and carried around for 5 minutes. I also have the scent on me, the stick was in my pocket as we waited for the kids to be seated. We just let him go and do his own search. I sped up the middle because from start to end was about 2 3/4 minutes. This was a tough test. It was his first time in this scenario. Watch and see how he does.

Can I just tell you how much I love his victory lap at the end and the kid that says YES! And I love how happy he is to do his job, and he LOVES showing off for crowds, and he even threw in the “low bow” at the end. For a first try, he did amazingly well. And he bashed his head at the end. What a rockstar! And Major has been officially invited to all goings on in Miss Tackaberry’s Kinder class, and welcomed at any time.

Let me know what you think below

Team Blackdogsrule



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  1. What an education for these little ones. Priceless! Major you are a CHAMP.

  2. Wow, that was awesome!! Good job, Major! Awesome job educating, Wisneski family! It’s always great to see a well behaved, well trained service dog.

  3. Those videos were really cool to watch. Major is an excellent ambassador from the Service Dog Nation.

  4. What a great experience for the Kindergartners and they did amazing with Major running around the class. Dogs can definately benefit kids in the classroom and educating these children at an early age is wonderful. Kudos to the teacher and school for allowing this as well.

  5. Way to go Team Major! So many distractions and he works with such joy.

  6. Great job!! I think we need major at Riley’s kinder class. Teacher not so willing to educate the kids ( or let me).

  7. Your family is very compassionate. Thanks for sharing. We have two black dogs! One 107 lbs the other 16.

  8. Major is a very very smart dog! I have two labs one is extremely smart and I did not have to train her for most things!

  9. Enjoyed these videos! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Major the Great!!!!
    Hows Major’s head, did he get a lump?

  11. This is awesome to see Major at work! What a wonderful soul he is!