Stella and I met Mike last year at an Indy Car race while we were rooting on Charlie Kimball. Mike is a type 1 and also deals with neuropathy, which means his ideal blood sugar range is a little different than what we shoot for with Stella. You an follow him on his photography page at Twovivid. Here is his day in the life:

so today was “a day in the life of a type 1” day created buy Frank Wisneski from A Guardian Angel for Stella and the idea was for type 1 diabetics to share there tests and shots and all the craziness involved with type 1 diabetes, so heres my day….reminder: i have neuropathy so my target range is around 180-230
4:00am woke up low at 72, ate carbs
4:15am still low ate more carbs to bring up blood sugar
5:30am finally up to 180, went back to bed
9am woke up and tested at 244 took morning meds and novolog insulin for breakfast and lantus for long acting
10:30 came down to 200, PERFECT!! time for Charlie Kimballs indy car race!! GO C.K.!!!
11.:15 222 tested just in case because when Charlie races i get anxious (the kimballs are like family to us!)
12:30 tested at 290!!! this was shortly after the race when Dario Franchitti had a scary crash=/ never good to see that but thankfully he is ok!!!
1:00 went to bed for a little because the pain in my legs got really bad corrected for a 310
4:00 woke up at 101, yikes thats pushing it for me, so i had a carb and did some photo editing!
4:10 tested at 55!!!! what the hell!?!?! washed hands really well and double checked on other hand, 54…time for carbs!!!
4:30 tested at 99, maybe 1 more carb just to be safe
5:00 tested at 177 good we are sittin purrrty
6:00 time for dinner tested at 202 gave carbs for dinner and ate infront of the tv for the dodger game
6:50 low?!?!?! @66 ughhhh time for a gatorade just to be safe
7:10 100 thats good, ill probably be fine with gatorade and dinner
7:55 240 thats good…
and thats the day so far

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