So as a photographer, you would think I would believe in the value of the tripod. Nope! To cumbersome and a pain to set up. So, instead, I give you these. More training videos of Astro using his nose, and as a bonus, a video of Major doing the same!

Again, the setup is to load the scent stick with “low” scent, and then we just play a game of fetch with the dogs prior to hiding the stick. They get familiar with the scent being so close to their nose, and we can work off some extra energy if we need to.

Normally, a game of fetch would be a reward all on it’s own, but since we are adding low scent, and we place a very high value on the alerting of low scent, they get to fetch it AND get a food reward for bringing it back.

And here is Major playing the game shortly after. I used the iPhone with Astro, as I only really meant for that video to be sent to Canine Hope so they could see how he was doing. When I decided to use Major too, I grabbed a better video camera.

Crystal gave me some new ideas to try with Astro, so we plan on doing some more tonight. Stay tuned…

Team Blackdogsrule

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